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Was looking for a "Hey, you were cool and I didn't get to thank you" type thread to add to but I didn't see one.

I was just questing in Silverpine and saw a group of Alliance RPers, clearly having some sort of Mysterious Arcane Meeting. I came within "earshot" and emoted /curious and /peer at them-- in my head I was taking notes to report to Sylvanas... one of them suddenly changed into Worgen form and LEAPED at me, so I ran away. No one was PvP flagged, so I assume this was all just for fun/immersion...

I hid behind a rock, and someone cast a Blizzard right on my hiding spot! So I ran away again, figuring my little neophyte Forsaken was thoroughly scared off by this point. All in all it was a nice bit of immersive fun and way more entertaining than my newbie quests.

So thanks :)
Cute pink haired gnome that was at the Darkmook Faire tonight. I saw you riding on the back of a mechanostrider as you passed by me. The way your mustache curled upwards at the edges made my thighs quiver. I waved but you just rode past me. Please, if you see this, reach out to me in game. I want you to take me for a ride on that mechanical hog of yours.
I think this thread is a fantastic idea. I hope to see it take off.
you were sitting on the goldshire fence post in cat form, my level one toon wandering aimlessly adrift in the rain... The way your crimson blue eyes stared at me as you tilted your head to see me to your side... I could not get enough, that was before you walked on all fours to me and whispered into my ear,

"I paw your thigh"...
Probably way too long ago, but back in late 2013 I joined Stormwind City Guard. You were a character named Joan, dunno if there were any accents over the letters. You were basically my character Winterheart's best and first friend ever, then one day you just kinda... Poofed into the void. Why you leave?
This is actually an amazing thread assuming people use it for serious purpose. Sometimes you want to RP with someone and they go offline or leave the area before you get up the nerve to talk to them or you forget to say thanks. This would be a cool thing to take off, I agree.
Ladvik! Ladvik was one of the first friends I met on Moonguard. We roleplayed, he complimented me on my roleplay style -- which as a nervous newbie felt very nice, and we even joined a guild together! Auberdine, Ladvik and I would all sit under the stars of Darkshore, telling jokes and playing games. Ladvik, if you remember a goofy paladin named Amkira, you were great, and I hope you're doing well, friend.
Oh, and I have another. Killpond! I saw your TRP and thought it was really creative, and wanted to RP with you sometime -- just not right then, as I didn't have the energy for a random walkup. I went to add you to my friend's list and wanted to whisper you a compliment on your cool character concept, only to realize that Killpond was only your TRP name, and that you had disappeared.
These are fantastic, I hope this thread keeps going.
Just before BfA launch I had some random RP with a Druid in SW. Last thing I said to him was "Stay alive out there."

Haven't seen him online since. His character name is on my friend's list, but I can't remember it off the top of my head. He was in The Rangers though. So, wherever you are, hope you're still alive out there! :D
RP'd with a Void Elf a couple of months ago who had a giant king cobra as their pet, right in the middle of the Mage's District. It was a fun little interaction, but I haven't seen her - or her cobra - since.

Also RP'd with a Dwarf hunter almost a year or so ago now. Balgros. Had a bear pet in the Recluse. Totally forgot about the guy until another friend of Dloin's brought up his name in just casual conversation, about being a "bear expert."

Wouldn't mind running into either of these folks again.
I've seen Balgros around Dloin! He was in the Blue Recluse either tonight or last night I can't remember.

*paging Balgros to the front desk*
Those sweet and lusty night elf and lightforged lady friends from Goldshire. <3
I was floating in my pink loveboat at the recent pirate party, slightly the worse for wear from rum grog purchased on the beach, when an interesting worgen whose name began with 'B' leapt into the vessel.

The wallowing of the boat woke me up, and I think I murmured a 'hello' but he was leaping off and away before I could untangle my hooves and formulate a coherent sentence.

Maybe he could not bear my 'pirate' attire which consisted of the most appalling mix of green and purple and orange that would make even a seasoned and grizzled pirate chunder over the side, especially on a pink boat !

Strangely fascinated, I rowed all the way to Booty Bay to look for him before my boat was sunk by sharks, I was rescued by a sweet pandaren, and finally reached the shore soggy and alone with my costume quite ruined (perhaps thankfully).

Not even a paw-print to identify, as it lies at the bottom of the briny deep.

What an afternoon .. but the hangover the following day was epic :D
I was questing in Darkshire, you and your friends made fun of how my belly shakes when I jump, so I challenged you. You patted me on the back as I was bawling and stuffing my face with Nutty Buddy’s afterward.
I actually started this thread before I had figured out who my "RP main" was gonna be, but I wanted to add to it. Went ninja afk while standing outside the bank and forgot to set my afk tag - someone came up while I was gone and tried to ask me for directions!! They must have seen my TRP3, or perhaps it's coincidence. My heart melted but the person was already logged off when I got back. I just remembered I made this thread, so if you're out there and happen to be reading the forums, thank you so much for daring to walk up to a surly looking orc. <3
I can't remember the Gnome's name, but she stopped and complimented Dloin on his garb (this was while wearing my golden Pandaria-themed RP set). She said she worked for a fashion magazine and asked if she could take her picture with Dloin. It was a fun interaction that was definitely unique, and as far as I know I haven't seen the Gnome since.

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