Where to begin...(pvp progression rant)

Remember when you could play battlegrounds and buy pvp gear from a vendor and get reasonably geared so you could actually compete in the Arena? Remember how you could invest time and be sure that the time investment was going to reap you a predictable reward? Well those days are gone! Bring on the Diablo dev team to make this game a frustrating casino where the PVE focused player has all the advantages.

Remember when being outgeared wasn't even further exacerbated by azerite traits, some of which are hilariously broken or make or break your character (For example, my main spec, resto shaman with proper azerite traits barely needs to cast! x3 surging tides and 4 tiers of azerite trait gear completely unlocked ftw!)

Instead now we have a system that is completely ALT unfriendly. Congratulations, you hit 120 and not only will be behind with your ilevel but behind on azerite traits as well. Not only that but your gear slots and ilevel upgrades for pvp gear will be based on your rating, a rating that you're going to have a hard time getting when you're down 20-40 ilevels AND don't have good azerite traits or have the azerite level to unlock them even if you did! ROFL

At this point in arena, im going back and forth from 1700-1780 and every shaman I run against at this rating has about 130k hp vs my 117k hp, he has likely fully unlocked azerite traits and likely far better ones than me. Other than farming mythics/raiding I have really NO way to progress unless at my current ilevel for pvp gear unless I break 1800 AND MAINTAIN it and keep winning crates and play the casino.

Blizzard, you have handed the keys to all of the games content to the raiders, it's no wonder all the top arena streamers on twitch spend a good time raiding, it really is the only way to reliably gear your character.

The game design decisions made by your dev team...I mean the Diablo dev team do not work well in WoW, Diablo is a game you can play solo, it isn't a competitive pvp game, these guys are trying to make WoW addicting but have actually just made it increasingly more frustrating. These are bad decisions and they're frankly quite easy to fix

Remove azerite traits from rated pvp/battlegrounds

Remove Arena rating requirements for certain slots of pvp gear, you have created a "rich get richer" system, it's some seriously troubling game design, it doesn't level the playing field, it favors raiders and early adopters, it punishes people for making alts who don't want to do PVE

I'm sure all of the responses to this will be "get good" but that is a cliche and terrible argument because it completely avoids the argument about what is FAIR.

I unsubbed tonight so I know this baits the "cya!" replies as well, I only mention it because I'm just not finding the game any fun, this isn't addictive gameplay this is just unfair and frustrating and I'm not going to subject myself to this punishment any longer.
It blows my mind that there's no honor vendors to gear alts, or vendors in general. Nobody wants to grind mythics to get geared enough to do arenas because they want a high ilvl.

It was different in Legion when gear didn't matter.
I literally made a post outlining an easy PvP progression system during the beta... It accounted for alts, pve gear, scaling, rewards, vendors, catchup, currency, etc. etc. etc.

Nope, instead we get this BS

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