How To Fix Bgs

For the most part anyone who does bg wants to win but most of the time both teams rush out towards flags and half the team breaks off to fight mid. If not one team is more focused on objective than the other.

I think blizz should implement a system that would penalize players who aren't focusing objective. I.e. not being within proximity of a flag or node within x amount of time will lower your "contribution score" which lowers your likelyhood of getting better rewards at the end such as what's in the chest. Not to mention loss of regular bg reward. Or you would get a "contribution debuff" there could even be a bar on the side of the screen to show contribution. This could be more harsh if made to work like deserter debuff and simply remove you for not focusing objective within x time. People who aren't focused on winning I'd rather have replaced anyway.

I think a system like this would also help with bg toxicity since people will actually try and do the bg correctly instead of qq everytime the other team makes a score. There wont be as much blaming others for not focusing objective.

What do you guys think? Do you have any ideas?
I know this will sound bizarre.

Players should be required to read a few paragraphs that outline the strategy for each Battleground. At the end of each Battleground's description the player would check a box that he has read and understands the strategy.

Blizzard could also list terms that may not be obvious. Spin the Flag, EFC, FC, FR, Lava, Get the Cart, to just name a few.

This could be done as a pop-up when the player enters the Battleground for the first time.

It would be helpful.
Yeah I agree blizz should add some pointers or make a bg handbook pop up when you enter. Or an annoying npc announcing the objectives.
So controlling the map to you isn't objective? Sounds like you don't understand strategy and the purpose of strategy. For instance doesn't take 4 people to pick up flag and escort across.

If you play "objectives" because you escort flag or sit at a node with 3 other people while your team is down, you don't understand the concept of the maps.

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