Why do you play warrior?

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Demon hunter is superior at EVERYTHING
mobility? dh do it better
damage? dh do it better
aoe? dh do it better
surviability? dh do it better
tank ? dh do it better
pvp? dh do it better
mass pvp? dh
cc? dh do it better

WHY DO YOU PLAY WARRIOR, or even better, when will blizzard fix this? theres NO reason to play warrior with Demon hunter out there
My warrior has a ton of blacksmithing recipes & I like to play all the classes

Everyone else.
something about my entire class fantasy literally being "me hold big sword, me hit HARD" just satisfies some internal instinct idk
No questions, only face smash.

Edit: I have a DH, also no Draenei DH, so no reason to make that my main.
While that may be true NOW, (I am not sure), I do not believe it is healthy design for it to remain so. If I designed WoW, I would make Warriors more survivable than demon hunters in terms of armor and defensives, mostly, and at least hold their own in damage and cc. Warriors should be a fine choice for pvp.
Vengeance DH > All. Just saying.

Lord Illidan KNOWS the way!
Warrior used to be something special until too many complaints about dying to them in pvp because they chose specific talents for pvp usage. They're hardly what they used to be before. Warriors are nothing more than angry training dummies.
Warriors are the manliest class. They don't need silly demon powers, just a big sword and a beard then smash it all. That's all the reason you need. Buffs/nerfs come and go, the wheel will spin around to them eventually.

Demon hunter: "I've sacrificed everything! What have you given?"

Warrior: "I ate a bowl of nails for breakfast this morning...without any milk."
Smokin too much of that Felweed
I had to to get all the class mounts in Legion.
Magic is for wimps. Armor a big weapon or weapons and your anger.
They just grab a sword and grow a beard then demolish anything that crosses their path. No magic or trickery, just pure badassery. That's all the reason you need.

Will my beard also have tentacles?

Warrior: "I ate a bowl of nails for breakfast this morning. Without any milk."

Oh! Uh! Right this way, sir, sorry to keep you waiting!
Well because I just can't find it in my self to sacrifice everything.

I earned the things I have and dang it honey, I'm keeping 'em.
Also. Heroic Leap... Best movement ability in the game.
xmog look waaaaaay better than DHs

and warriors aren't limited to one race per faction

there's more you need?
Because I can.
Thats like asking why play a mage instead of a warlock?

The answer always is, personal preference and choice.
Looks like Mort isn't online. There's no way he wouldn't chime in!

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