ON a scale of 1-100 how interested are you in Wow Classic

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Where 1 is not very interested and 100 is it will fulfill my life.

Me 15-20 and willing to give it a look but not if I have to buy a second subscription or game. So if its free because I'm a WoW subscriber I would give it a look but I'm pretty sure it would not hold my interest. Because I've really played the content.
0 - Like not at all.
10. Because I might make a character and play it for all of 10 minutes.
100 on day one or two.

Down to 68 after about a week.

43 when I realize that this is uninteresting.

12 by the end of week two.

Zero by day 15 and I just want to go back to MOP and play Farmville.
A big fat zero

Was good for its time, it's time has long past though.
That really depends on whether my friends want to check it out, but most of them aren't interested in WoW at all.
1 because it's numba one.....

I wouldn't scale it on a number. It's purely for nostalgia for me, as well as experiencing the end game for once, which will be new for me, but I wont hold my breath on it.
The classic discussion forums are that way. ------------------------------->
0. pretty burnt on wow as a whole after all the yrs. definitely don't feel like going back to vanilla.
Well, I was one of the people posting in the threads and being insulted and treated to the full "toxic" behaviour so many LFR players whine about... who were also the ones who were doing it.

So pretty up there.
5 - I'm curious to see what happens but I doubt I'll actually play.
50% - It will be a fun break from the main game.
I never play classic. I was playing DAoC at that time of classic and later other mmos. I join WoW in Legion. So I think I should try it.

If it's a pve server, I will at less try classic but I won't sink time into it. If it's a pvp, there is 0% I will get on it.
10/20/2018 09:41 PMPosted by Dalarina

Was good for its time, it's time has long past though.

The same can be argued for current WoW and the slippery spiral it's going down.

In all fairness though I'm gonna say 90 for me personally. It isn't my ideal point in WoW but it's definitely an oasis in the desert at this stage. A lot of the returning players are currently on Vanilla private servers so you probably won't get a very outspoken response on the forums besides people who are mildly curious.

I just hope it isn't too tampered with and remains as faithful to its original design as we can get.
10, might give it a look if its free, ill see its too much effort and probably never pick it up again after realizing i take current WoW for granted.
zero, ziltch, nada and no way.

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