Resurgence, 3/8M. Tank and RDPS needed.

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
Resurgence, we are 8/8H, 3/8M currently raiding Wed, Thurs, Sun 7pm SVT till 10pm.

We are looking for Tank and RDPS (High Priority) along with more DPS and Heals, who are looking to continue our progression through this expac.

We are a fun yet focused group who are aiming for "Cutting Edge".

* All Raiders must have::::::

A working Mic,
Gems, enchanted gear,
Food, Flasks, Pots to last the entire night.

We run keys together to make sure we get out +10 each week.

If this sounds like a guild that you can fit in with hit me or any of our other officers up in game.
Btag Evilc#1288
keen to chat
Come say hello
Range dps hit us up!!
Hmmm finding range dps is like finding a 4 leaf clover.
also recruiting people for our heroic group, show talent and get a trial for our mythic proggression team
Wednesday night, first night of the week for raiding. Come say hello
Range dps come at us please
so there are no range dps in here?
Range dps don't exist
Range dps? I've heard of them...... but it may have been a fable.
the search contnues.
still looking
Raid spots still open....
Do I need to bring out cookies to get raiders in?
Hey Boiz hows it going,

I have just come back from a break and I am looking to get back into raiding on my warlock, been a mythic raider for the last 2 expansions

if you wanna have a chat hit me up

more spots to go, lets get into it
so if this post is at the top, who reads it?

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