Destruction: FnB vs Cataclysm

When to use these talents:

In M+
In pvp
In Raids

Which one is better when and why?
Cataclysm is better right now, the only time I use FnB is when farming old content.
I'd give fnb a try in Bgs. Nowhere else though.
I like FnB for world quests. It ensures I can always tag a bunch of mobs without being reliant on a cooldown. Other than that, Cataclysm is just better. Seriously, in raids and 5 mans my numbers are just always better when I've selected Cataclysm.
Outside of maby motherlode, cataclysm is better, motherlode is ok for FnB just because of how consistent the adds are and you can probably get more casts off to make up for the lack of burst
Okay so with cataclysm, do i take channel demonfire too?
10/27/2018 09:34 AMPosted by Plutojester
Okay so with cataclysm, do i take channel demonfire too?

In M+ yes. In Uldir you don't need it at all for boss fights so it's dark soul all the way.
I hate cataclysm - it just makes AoE feel awkward, since I end up having to spam single target incinerate while I wait for cataclysm to come off CD again. This talent imbalance completely ruins Destro for me. Kind of silly, but if it isn't fun, not going to play it.

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