A couple months into BFA, what classes are you having fun with?

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I wanted to start a new character from scratch. 1-120. I usually tank, and I kind of want something thats a breathe of fresh air? Something interactive, but not too hard to play? low skill floor, high skill ceiling? Was thinking maybe disc priest, but my desire to heal isnt that strong. Was thinking maybe demo warlock, but range dps was never my thing. Melee dps was also never my thing, but if I make a blood DK, Im sure frost and blood share similar gear...

If you main tanks, let me know what classes you're finding fun! And if you don't main tanks, let me know what classes you are enjoying :D
Demo lock is amazing... I recommend it =)
Blood Death Knight is my favorite and likely always will be unless they completely redesign it again.
For as much as the azerite gear situation sucked the first few weeks, now that I have gotten a good pool to draw from, I've been heavily enjoying how they impact Blood as well.
Not just blood though, all tanks.

I've been testing out traits like Impassive Visage, and how it scales with Crit, and starting to feel like if a tank like a Prot Warrior who historically has very low HPS representation had 3 of those traits, they might actually do more HPS than a Blood DK without them.

On top of that, key buffs coming to Warriors and Bears especially have me really excited in playing more tanks.

The utility and DPS buffs Bear are getting are going to drastically increase my interest in them, and I personally can't wait for the patch because of it.

I'm some one who has always loved tanking 5 mans, and in a perfect world (where I have enough time to do so!) I would play 5 tanks seriously on rotation in M+.
The reason I didn't say 6 is because I have absolutely no love for Brewmaster Monk. Their new iteration is just not my cup of tea, and its really something that leaves a bad taste in my mouth when you compare them to how fun they used to be in MoP and WoD.
No, my sub ends today in the afternoon. The game is a mess. Classic is the only thing that will bring me back.
Wait, so you're telling me Disc Priests can't tank?
i really enjoy shadow priest. more than mage.

can't wait for 8.1
I am enjoying playing my classes that can stealth (Druid, Rogue) and sneak past endless amounts of trash. Too many mobs everywhere that agro from great distances and drop nothing is irritating. Its like spinning your wheels in snow and going no where.

With all the endless trash playing some classes like healers and mages is about as much fun as getting a root canal.
10/27/2018 07:05 AMPosted by Classicsoon
No, my sub ends today in the afternoon. The game is a mess. Classic is the only thing that will bring me back.
We'll certainly miss you.
not really anything right now, at least not enough to want to grind out all the content on it. but as soon as 8.1 hits and cyclone comes back alex is ready to play again
I am enjoying Herpetology and Native American Religions. Electives ftw!
I was enjoying this pally but now that I have my warlock leveled, she is turning into a very fun toon to play. And as I level my demon hunter, I am getting a kick out of her as well. I just rolled a Mag'har shaman but I am healing for the first time and it is less then fun for me. Mostly because of my own fear of failure. She is likely to stay little for a long time.

My void elf disc priest and nightborne hunter give my pleasure as well.
I’m going to throw out a less than popular opinion here, but I am having a ton of fun on my Shadow Priest. Don’t get me wrong, after your first Voidform from Dark Ascension wears off it is a bit awkward getting to your second Voidform when it’s on CD. Their damage is pretty “meh” on single target fights. For some reason I’m still really enjoying it.
what i enjoy is the low gold price for wow token. but not low enough
Always love my mage and priest
DK and DH.
10/27/2018 07:01 AMPosted by Lupercalus
Demo lock is amazing... I recommend it =)

Think it'd be fun/easy enough to get into for someone who absolutely never does ranged dps?
None. Bailed on BfA like a week into it. I'll get back to ya around 8.3. :)
Survival Hunter
BM hunter as usual.
The thing I've played most in BfA is Stratocaster. Occasionally I play Les Paul Custom, as the mood suits me.

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