3 Needed Guardian Changes

11/11/2018 02:48 PMPosted by Pumpins
. Your guys's niche use to be huge health pools but you dont even have that compared to other tanks now.


I always /sigh when I see Bears losing Health and armor every xpac.

Bears are meant to be health sponges and durable. it was to counter that other tanks got blocking and parry.

now we have a "tiny" bit mroe HP and armor is less until you start stacking IF.
Make bears great again.
I think I could deal with how bears are at taking damage and how much they deal, I really want to see more utility. Things to do vs just tanking. I made the switch to Paladin prot this expansion and have really enjoyed the tool kit I have. Bears can basically battle rez which now takes rage.
The OP's suggested changes would be perfect except Lunar beam should be replaced with either Rage of the Sleeper or Twin Moons WITH the heal like DK's blood plague
I'll say it again, Twin Moons (Lady and the Child, the Balance legendary) was only good because we also had Fury of Nature.

Also the ptr was just updated and still nothing more for bears. When can we expect to see something done about our lack of an interesting toolkit?

The only change FR needs is to be taken of the GCD. The real change we need is a buff to our base mastery. At the end of WOD we saw it go from a baseline of 16% to baseline 8%, then again to a baseline of 4%. Which was fine due to the scaling in Legion and how much secondary stats we had (if you were playing a bear back then you'd remember this is when we started having threat problems as well.). Now having a lot less secondary stats and a stat squish maybe it's time to think about bumping that number up a bit.
11/14/2018 10:26 AMPosted by Blighters
I'll say it again, Twin Moons (Lady and the Child, the Balance legendary) was only good because we also had Fury of Nature.

I used it long before FoN. The LatC/GG combo was a very large amount of my damage and it spread Moonfire to most of what I pulled in short order. I really miss it, as GG alone after the proc rate nerf won't even hit half the mobs in a pull before they die. And keeping Moonfire on everything manually takes a lot of GCDs not spent generating rage.
I feel like the affinities could be fixed with a talent. Lunar Beam is an underperformer at its level, so id replace that with something like:

"Bear Affinity"

You may cast one of your affinity abilities without leaving bear form.

Restoration: Swiftmend (gains a second charge in bear form)

Feral: Rake (generates 8 rage, applies 30% slow for 8 seconds, 8s cd)

Balance: Lunar Strike (instant cast, generates 3 rage per target hit, 6s cd)

Thats just off the top of my head, maybe other abilities/options would be better. Point is to allow us some greater benefit from our affinity without having to leave bear form, as that can often be a death sentence.

I would also be ok with affinities not even being part of the guardian talents, and instead reworking them into new talents that grant the same passive benefits, and something else on top of that. As it is, the affinities dont really do a whole lot for me except on certain rare occasions.

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