Do you guys like rap/hip hop?

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10/30/2018 01:11 AMPosted by Mikazaki
10/29/2018 07:57 PMPosted by Eskylidi
no thanks; I really don't see the appeal in a style that glorifies criminal behavior.

That's not what the genre is even about... You shouldn't judge an entire genre of music just because you heard a few bad rappers.

how many do I have to listen to, before I find a 'good' one? See, I'm kinda weird; I really feel I shouldn't have to listen to songs extolling the virtues of misogyny, street violence, overt racism and other forms of sadism. And all from studio performers who'd probably faint at the sight of their own blood.
I just don't need it.
10/29/2018 07:51 PMPosted by Slimeseason
Just curious if you guys listen to this type of music at all. Occasionally, all the time, or even if you heard one song that you really liked and that’s it.

i myself am a huge fan, just something about a heavy bass line just does it for me. Share your favorite artist/album if you’re so inclined

Also, if you don’t listen to rap or hate it please don’t belittle anyone for their taste or say it’s garbage you should listen to xyz instead, just say “no it’s not for me”

I don't mind old school cypress hill, ice cube, and the like. I was a skater girl/gothy back in the day and it was just different. My husband and I still listen to the Judgement Night soundtrack often. I do not like any of that new autotuned garbage... just no.

What we listen to is mainly gothy/industrial stuffs. I can still just melt listening to Tina Root of Switchblade Symphony. Riding around on the brooms this time of year not only do I think of the wicked witch's theme song but Tina said it best... "witches they ride, on broomsticks yah know?". Can really get into some Psyclon Nine too. Oh Nero, if I weren't married... <3
10/29/2018 07:57 PMPosted by Slimeseason
10/29/2018 07:54 PMPosted by Anillei
Never, it's uncivilized, lacks creativity and lyrical intelligence.

That’s a bit harsh, maybe you’re just listening to the wrong rappers

Seriously. I love a good rap song/Hip Hop Song. I won't lie and say that a lot of the popular stuff right now does not appeal to me, but there are good rappers. And Hip Hop has some fantastic artists as well. Kind of ridiculous to put every single thing under this banner.

Flobots and M.I.A have a lot of songs with deep meanings and political motivations. Or are you going to sit there and say Handlebars has zero quality lyrical content?

Also, to call a Genre lyrically lacking when a great lyricist is the appeal of rap and a good part of hip hop is kind of funny. You may not always enjoy a lot of the songs content, but they are a lot of fine damn writers.

10/29/2018 11:09 PMPosted by Partyunicorn
Name one song of any genre that you think surpasses even any of the top 50 lyrical hip hop tracks.

I like it all, but without any doubt hip hop is the pinnacle of lyricism.

Now I wouldn't go to these lengths. I think each genre can have its wordsmiths, from Rock, Metal, Folk, Pop etc. A good line, is a good line no matter how it is sung.

10/30/2018 01:38 AMPosted by Korojin
Long answer: Music genres are broad and encompass a wide variety inside of them, and inside of that I am capable of finding songs I like.

Exactly. Hip Hop and Rap also have tons of sub-genres and are part of genres that mix things together. Rapcore/Rap Rock, Trip Hop, Folk Rap, Comedy Rap, Neuro Hop, Trap, etc. These genres are massive. To denounce them in their entirety, in their wide reaching scope is ridiculous.
I don't listen to it at all. Personally, nothing against it just not for me. Ironically though, I will listen to anything else.
If it ain't Coolio.. it ain't cool!!
I listen to everything. If there's a genre I don't have any fave songs of yet, I will search for one until I do. Luckily for me, rap and hip hop came quickly to me in life. I was only 11 when I discovered my first faves, but 90's was the golden era of rap. Now I mostly listen to underground Asian rap, it's a lot more nuanced.
There is only two songs I like and thats is "cant touch this" and "ice baby" everything else from those genres belongs in the dumpster. Also it's not music because it lacks melody.

Personally I prefer goth, synthpop, aggrotech, and power metal. I have listened to many genres of music so I also like on occasion or generally don't mind classical, opera, various jazz styles, 40's and 50's era music, hair metal, 70's punk and 80s pop songs.

I can barely tolerate country music and depends heavily on the style. I use to like classic rock but knowing about the history of the era and the things around it has put me off to it.
Mac Miller RIP, Vic Mensa, Lupe Fiasco, Kid Cudi, J.Cole and Bas are my absolute favorites
I was at a Hatebreed concert on Saturday. That should tell you where I fall on this subject.
10/30/2018 05:06 AMPosted by Hartric
I was at a Hatebreed concert on Saturday. That should tell you where I fall on this subject.

Clearly he wants to talk to people about something he likes and you just interject a point that didn't contribute anything.
It's not my thing, no. I'm more of a rock, glam metal, pop, country, orchestral kinda guy.
Nope. Rap/hiphop infuriates me.

Every time I hear it, the "music" is coming from somebody's stereo at 2am in the morning when I'm trying to sleep. Or some other similar timeframe.


...and 99.99% of the time, the super-loud music rap/hiphop. So guess what?

I now have a kneejerk "become angry" reaction whenever I hear rap music.
I wish I had lightning powers, so the moron in the car would stop playing it 100x too loud.

I vastly prefer Metal, anyhow. And I *gasp* keep it in my earphones. What a concept.
Depends. If the lyrics are more intelligent than the average "lean, Molly, Percocet. Guns, ho3s, etc." And its has a good flow then sure.

This is coming from a big metalcore fan. I actually have some Tech9ne on my playlist. I guess I like the "chopper" style of rap? If that's what it's called. Fast but not mumbling with thought out verses and clever disses.
10/30/2018 05:13 AMPosted by Sargaxiist
Depends. If the lyrics are more intelligent than the average "lean, Molly, Percocet. Guns, ho3s, etc." And its has a good flow then sure.

Oh and this, too.

Pretty much every rap/hiphop song I've had the displeasure of overhearing... has been nothing but swearing, drugs, and scoring/comparing women to "garden tools". Disgusting.
I’d place rap music right next to sugar as one of the more destructive forces on the planet.
10/29/2018 11:25 PMPosted by Nagurum
I was listening to some rap last week. Actually, I didn't have a choice - it was coming out the back of a car a mile away.

We got some idiot like that somewhere around our home. You can hear the dude coming down the road nearly 3 blocks away. All you can think is they're all like "look at me as they drive down the road in my junky looking beater and vibrate your windows and eardrums with my crappy music".

Rap/HH hasn't been good in a very long time.

Somehow we've manage to turn it into constant cussing, degrading women, gun/gang violence, drugs and money. It's a miracle to hear anything in the past decade that doesn't double down on one of these.
I think music in general is looking for something. Rap is a lot like rock, there are some older songs I like but the new stuff is stale.
Old school Hip Hop when its meaning was more about than what it is today yes I can appreciate it for what it was then but not so much now. A lot of music today has lost its talent do to the butchery of greed and ignorance.
Slick Rick!!!!

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