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I wonder how it must feel to have such a successful game completely !@#$ the bed to the point its no salvageable. I can't even force myself to log on anymore because there is nothing todo and def nothing fun to do. It's been fun Blizzard, thank you for messing up and giving me my life back. down 3+ million subs since launch....
I will keep your seat warm for you till you come back in the next patch.
I'm sure they're crying themselves to sleep every night.
Never gonna happen
10/30/2018 04:30 PMPosted by Ashcicle
3+ million subs since launch...


I was always taught that if you state something as "fact" you need to demonstrate a reputable source.

P.S. an addon not getting a lot of downloads is not a source
You have a lot of achievements on this character, so I see you are familiar with the many different kinds of things there are to do in the game. You haven't even done them all.

If you aren't enjoying your game time now, take a break. Lots of people are having a fine time, and we'll get along without you.

Are there things to fix? Yes, and there always have been and always will be. If you have played for a long time, and you look like you have, you know that.

It's not a Blizzard problem. It's a you problem. Take a break, do other things. If you feel like it, come back. If not, enjoy whatever you find instead.
I doubt Blizzard employees know since WoW isn't at the point.

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