[A] 8/8H 2/8M Guild LF Select DPS Classes

Aerie Peak
Basic - 8/8N 8/8H 2/8M is recruiting for our Mythic raid team. We are recruiting Mage, Hunter, WW Monk, Warlock, and Ele (w/ resto offspec) shaman.

Our goal is to be and remain in the top 5 raid teams on the server and to continually reach Cutting Edge on each raid tier during this expansion. Our close-knit team thrives in an outgoing, lively atmosphere whilst steadily progressing on a 6 hour a week raid schedule. An ideal candidate to join our team would be confident in their ability not only pertaining to their class but as well as their ability to perform well in a team setting. Our guild's Discord is extremely active at all hours of the day as our team's comradery extends past the raiding hours into everyone's everyday lives. Basic is also currently ranked the #1 PvP guild on Aerie Peak, home to 18 of the top 20 ranked players on the server. Our guild always has a multitude of events to offer, ranging from RBGs to Mythic+ teams to weekend Heroic Uldir drunk raids.

If you are interested please post below with your battletag and/or add Shambulance#1915 in game. IF YOU ARE A GOOD FIT FOR OUR TEAM AND ARE CURRENTLY OFF-SERVER, WE WILL PAY FOR YOUR REALM TRANSFER.

Raid Days/Times:
Tuesday 6-9pm server (9-12 EST)
Thursday 6-9pm server (9-12 EST)

Optional Heroic Clear Raid:
Sunday 6-9pm server (9-12 EST)

LUL "(9-12 ESY)"
Still looking for strong ranged dps

I am very interested in raiding and would like the opportunity to join your team.
Below is my battletag.


Currently I'm playing a warlock, and would like to be considered for that position. I'll reach out to you in game.

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