[H] <Synergos> 2/8M - Illidan is Recruiting

Muradin and Nordrassil
Hi there.

<Synergos> is a horde guild currently calling Illidan home. With history stretching back over a decade and a level headed, methodical approach to working our way through tiers, our leadership is focused on progressing and experiencing every tier of raid content blizzard releases.

We’re recruiting for both of our Mythic teams for current Uldir progression and Siege of Dazra’lor progression. Our weekday team runs Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday at 7PMCST, finishing at 11PM CST, while our weekend team runs Friday/Saturday starting at 7:30PM CST and finishing at 11:30PM CST. We also run M+ keys throughout the week, though our focus is on raid progression as a guild.

We treat our guild with care and an eye to the future: we are comprised mostly of older players, and are concerned with finding people who fit that sort of relaxed community first, with skill second and gear a distant third.

You can get in contact with one of our officers for further information.


Best of luck.

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