Frequent disconnections?

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The past day and a half I've been having disconnection issues. My friend who lives a few neighborhoods away was also disconnecting at the same time as I was.

Has anyone else here had that issue, or is it a strange localized issue in our area?

It's happening about every half hour for me. It's causing me issues as I always seem to be in the middle of combat every time it disconnects. + 1 more death!! Thanks for that, Blizzard!! Oh, and thanks for the repair bill!! :P

Blizzard: "Sure thing! And thank you for the subscription fee!"
Haven't really had any disconnection issues. But the lag spikes have been absolutely brutal especially over in Drustvar as of late. Been dealing with those since about 2 days after BfA launch.

Do you and your friend have the same internet provider? Problem could be there. I know Spectrum Internet has been really bad for the past month.
No, we don't. I've also noticed when I get disconnected that the client disconnects and Blizzard's website drops. Other sites work just fine in browsing. I've died probably 7 or 8 times due to these disconnects. It's getting rather frustrating.
Have you tried looking at the d/c issues in tech support? I know there had been some issues involving certain modems at the beginning of BfA. I would definitely give it a look over and if you aren't seeing anything that looks like what you are experiencing I would make a post there. The Tech team is usually really good at pinpointing issues and helping fix them.

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