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As someone who has been levelling and using professions for over 9 years now in Wow, I thought it would be interesting to post my thoughts on the professions as they were, and as they are now. Your input will be interesting to read, if you are interested enough to read my Wall of Text (:

First off, Inscription.

Initially Inscription was designed to produce a number of scrolls and glyphs for levelling characters. The scrolls were useful to your lower level toons because they provided similar benefits to items from Alchemists that you might not have had access to. Things like Stamina etc were very useful, but as far as I'm aware the general usage buff Scrolls stopped being offered at Level 80. There are currently buffing scrolls available which can be used personally and in a party and that’s a nice benefit when playing in groups. However, some lower level improved buff Scrolls have been deactivated so I'm not sure if that is an ongoing design plan.

On the other hand, the game developers have gone through a major shift of attitude towards Glyphs. In the beginning they provided buffs or abilities that were extremely handy to have, along with a number of cosmetic and 'toy' type effects. In recent times the buffs have been entirely removed making Glyphs far less useful and in most cases Glyphs are much less economically reasonable than putting your herbs to better use.

Armor/weapons items such as offhand intellect items were added fairly early on in the game with things like the Inscribed Vessel of Mysticism. When I saw that an item with the word "Honorable' in the name was also to be included I was pleased, thinking we were having PvP gear etc put back into the game. However, despite the name and the fact that the 3rd rank requires 4 Marks of Honor to purchase, it has no connection at all with PvP. I've never been able to figure out the reasoning for this.

The Vantus Runes are a good idea but the first sets tend to lose their effectiveness and interest once raiding opens for new wings. Added to that is the fact that your scribe can't learn them until they hit 120 and get the pattern from a raid boss, so you have to hit the appropriate ilevel for just the lfr version. I guess its logical that a buff for a raid can't be learned until you can actually raid, it still does put a part of the profession out of your reach until you get to cap.

The reputation Contracts were a very good idea, although they only give 10 rep per WQ, which in the scheme of things is a tiny amount. If you are making them you tend to weigh the benefit v herb cost. If you are buying them they are generally pretty cheap.

Probably the best thing is the Cards. These have been around a very long time and the trinkets made from them have always been useful. Some of the current ones are very much so, especially the Fathom deck which my Agility toons all love. Though your card makes are randomized, they are fairly inexpensive to create, if you have enough Expulsom. Until most people outgear them they will continue to be a handy item to make and sell. Would be good if we could upgrade them.

I'm still a bit confused about the Scroll of Unlocking, since I haven't had a chest drop in all my playing time in BfA. I understand they are usable in the Tol Dagor instance but other than that I've not seen a use for them to date. Seems a very limited use for a professions item, again a bit of a logic lack here.

In conclusion:

The loss of effective glyphs continued to be a sad gaming choice imo, there are a few good things, some so-so and a couple that don't make a lot of sense.

To improve the profession:

Bring back powered Glyphs in some form to provide some creative and fun choice in character development.

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