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Wyrmrest Accord
Commanding Scourge forces in Corin's Crossing and making supply transit for the Argent Dawn a living hell.
Liodred was in Suramar, enjoying his Moon Guard -not- being slaughtered by the Nightborne.
ICly? I'm not even alive yet.
Alice: Planning to sneak away from Kael'thas and return to Silvermoon.
Logan: Living a normal life, unaware !@#$ was about to hit the fan for him.
Kane: Adventuring as a Paladin of the Light after the events at Lordearon.
John'dal: In stasis.
Malayse: Being a Sentinel on Teldrassil.
Drol'mem: Fighting the Legion in space.
Nick: Investigating and infiltrating the Defias Brotherhood.
Tipsyflame and My Dark Iron Warrior (Who's name escapes me at the moment): Serving Ragnaros.
Log'har and Trugda: Living on AU Draenor.
Jesan: Living in Suramar City.
Edward: Serving Sylvanas and delving deeper into the dark Warlock arts.
Jek'kangu: Serving Rastakhan and Rezan.
Zandalari Druid (Who'd name ALSO escapes me): Serving Gonk.
Elena: Being a Kul'Tiran slave to some pirates.
Benedict: Living in Gilneas.
Bruce: Living in Drustvar.
Netala's home tribe didn't officially join up with the Horde, well, ever. In Vanilla, they'd likely be wandering around their homelands in the Barrens, keeping an eye on the other tribes curiously. Likely doing trade with the Horde and Bloodhoof, as well as any friendly Alliance. They also would be growing more wary of Alliance encroachment that isn't so friendly, into the Barrens. She wouldn't be afraid to push any that didn't have good intentions out. Class-wise, she would be no different. Since the playable tauren's official lore is that Aponi led the Bloodhoof tauren into a Renaissance of revering An'she, I see it as fair game for other tribes to already be doing it. So Net here was raised a Sunwalker, and has been most her life since childhood training.

Her son wouldn't exist yet, being born during the Northrend campaign.

And that's really all my characters that would be relevant to Vanilla.
Drak'har and the Dragonmaw Clan was part of the Dark Horde at the time. You might be trying to kill him as a quest objective.
Brotak was in his early teenage years, I think, living in Orgrimmar with his family.

If I re-create him in Classic, I'm going to dial back his birth a few years so he "comes of age" when he takes his journey to the ol' Valley of Trials.
He would've been slaving away at Silithus at the time, not quite as insane as he is today but still quickly in decline. As an unintentional and unwilling cultist, his co-workers would occasionally be slaughtered on a daily basis by blank-faced adventurers looting their corpses to complete a set of their hoods, shoulders, and robes.
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What was your character doing ICly during classic?

Dawnsky was a mercenary more or less working with the Argent Dawn to stop the Scourge from spreading, while also training to become a fully blooded Paladin.
If i’m getting my timeline correct Kocyte would still be serving Kael’thas in Outland as a Sunfury. She was pretty vengeancy back then and gladly followed him as she felt they could find a way to help their people.

She defected much later and joined the Scryers but when the azerothians first set foot into Outland i’m sure she was one of those Sunfury paladins in Terrokar.
Considering there's about a good 8-10 years from classic. Xao'lio was still in Pandaria, serving as a pathstalker in relative peace in Binan. Xao'lio was about 30 years old at the start of classic.. so naturally he just thrived in his reputation. Binan Village's lecherous carpenter.
Fishing in the ocean off the back of a giant turtle having no idea that there were any other races on the planet.

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