Can we please get arena teams back? with the Arena Reward System the way it is now where you dont have to wait until the end of the season would be very nice if you could make arena teams again so people would be force to learn/grow as a team rather win 1 lose 1 leave find another team in couple mins, I miss the days where we made real friends to grow with as a team even when you raged you still logged back on and requed :D i miss those days, I feel the LFG finder caters to lazy ppl and PVE'ers, I have lots of friends that ive met from arena teams that i still talk to today outside of the game that have left WoW due to the state of PVP and the Lack of love Blizzard gives us, the biggest slap in the face is to true PVP players that PVP all day everyday and dont PVE that inspect some pve hero that is like 200 honor lvls but less then 500 hks... I just wish there was a reason we had to push with partners, make it so you cant leave and rejoin teams like crazy, like how hard would it be to add arena teams to add to your name on the ladder where if you were on an arena team you would get bonus % conq bonus % gold bonus %honor and win xammount games on an arena team and win some cool mounts and titles, show history of teams, make it so you can only make so many teams per account a season then when season ends teams reset then you have option to keep that team and the history of that team or reset and start a new team new name, but also make it so u can que without an arena team just with ppl not on teams or or u can que with ppl that arnt on your team but it wont effect your team ratin it will just mess with your personal incase you team is inactive
Lfg is a great system for people who only arena a couple times a week and don't have to coordinate a schedule around other team members. But I do see that your suggestion still includes both options.
I do miss the being able to name a team aspect. I'd like to have a team named, "Clickers".
I remember when a friend in wrath got kicked off his team and lost chance at r1.

Not sure what the point of teams are. I like being able to cue with anyone at any point without any formalities.
Remember joining a team and leaving it and tanking like 200 MMR? Yeah, those days were awful, no thanks.
Agree with everyone who disagrees with this post. LFG is great for people who only cap, it’s a great way to meet new people. Why do you want teams? Only reason to want teams is to troll others with a childish team name
No thanks
this would only kill the arena scene even further, participation already has issues enough as is
like i said caters to ppl who are lazy and just que to cap, arena teams helped you make friends, real friend to keep queing with
11/04/2018 08:40 PMPosted by Bullmassive
like i said caters to ppl who are lazy and just que to cap, arena teams helped you make friends, real friend to keep queing with
You made friends when it mattered what server you were on. I think it would hurt participation if anything. People wouldn't want to leave their team and start fresh, people wouldn't want to join a team that's too high and miss out on rewards.

The way the game is now with LFG and cross realm invites, there's no reason to bring back teams. Just find a team in LFG and queue from there.
11/04/2018 08:40 PMPosted by Bullmassive
like i said caters to ppl who are lazy and just que to cap, arena teams helped you make friends, real friend to keep queing with

makes no sense. not having a team is preventing you from making friends with the people you play with?? what? The first 3-4 years I played this game I only pugged with randoms for raids and pvp. By the time I made a guild I had 10+ friends to build it with. Making friends has nothing todo with having a team or even having a guild.
No way. I prefer the current setup by far.
like i said the LFG system makes it so you dont make friends in pvp for the most part ppl just que till they lose then find another grp and repeat lol when it comes down to pvp there is no reason to make friends unless you wanna do rbgs , arenas just for pve heros gettin weekly conq cap till the next week, so many people complain saying they like this system better cause they can cap faster and so on, well who cares about people that only pvp for cap, cant count on my hands how many times ive seen people leave an arena or rbg to go join a mythic/raid, the fact you can get pve gear faster and easy'er then doing arena and is a joke, someone who dont pvp for their gear shouldnt be able to bear someone in full pvp gear, half these ppl who got high rating first few weeks was only due to gear gap with pve gear, pvp is so uneven and unfair for those who dont pve then blizzard wonders why the subs are dropping, pve nerds should have to work just as hard as a pvp hero to get gear to be decent in arena, this lfg system shows nothing but ilvl and as long as you do mythics you will get brought to anything, dont even need xp/cr most times lol just show them you have 370ilvl and your golden lol

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