Any Warlocks with a good memory?

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None of the Classic databases that I can find have cooldown information on the Felhunter abilities: Spell lock & Devour Magic. Can anybody remember what they are?

Trying to do some dueling theorycrafting, and need that info.

Thanks in advance!
15 second CD on devour magic I think.

Spell lock I'm not sure, but it must be more than 24 seconds. In a BC patch it was reduced to 24 seconds so maybe it's 30 seconds in vanilla?
It was 28 seconds if memory serves
Thanks! Ya, I did see the 24 second on Spell Lock on WoWhead, and figured that in vanilla it was probably something like 30. Devour magic I had no idea though. Can’t remeber if it was spammable or not. Come to think of it... was Shaman’s purge spammable? I seam to remember it was...
Yes, shaman could purge once per global cooldown, just as paladins could cleanse once per global cooldown.

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