How to solve lack of tanks and heals

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11/07/2018 11:23 AMPosted by Poncia
Guaranteed that Blizz will never do this because they're trying to get everyone to focus on M+ hype.

Put a Season mount reward like the PVP one so that every time you successful tank/heal an instance, you would earn a small %.
Now everyone wants to tank/heal.

Also, Call to Arms need to be more frequent. If I don't see CTA bonus reward, I am not queuing up until the hour or even next day on my 3x tank alts.

No clue why they keep removing the CTA bonus since DPS still waits for 10-15mins+.
Want more tanks? Don't just not abuse new or inexperienced tanks. Tell them when what parts they did well. If you're an experienced tank, tell them how to fix what went wrong. I know, seems like asking for special treatment from dps pov, but it's so easy to catch crap as a tank, and almost invisible when they do well.
11/07/2018 11:27 AMPosted by Haruhi
No clue why they keep removing the CTA bonus since DPS still waits for 10-15mins+.
I've felt for a while that CTA should just be a constant bonus for queueing as tank/healer. You'd have 24/7 dps instant queues. I don't see the point of having it constantly appear and disappear. As if it matters whether or not there's a surplus of tanks/healers.
Basically no reasonable incentive exists to make people tank and heal. The undeniable fact is that many interested in tanking and healing are scared to start due to abuse tanks and heals recieve while learning, or try and quit because of it.

On the other hand, a lot of people aren't interested in the responsibility of tanking or healing and thus will never do it. Its funny though because I feel like in a raid situation (at least in heroic and normal) tanks have by far the easiest job. Most abilities don't target us and those that do are tailored to tanks. Taunt swap is like 90% of fights in Legion and BfA.
Design dubgeons that dont seem so - boring #1

Look at classic dungeons, mob heavy but concepts and connections to quests between many were intricate and brilliantly designed. Plus in normal dungeons the gear was good, there were rewards worth running them over and over.

Mythic plus ruins the fun that is supposed to be part of a game and hides rewards away from most of player base. lose the timer and see more tanks and healers.

Also the more dps and survivability a tank has the more fun it is to play. Blood DKs rule. Warriors make you want to take the debuff when you see them as your tank, and go play a different toon.

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