Did Ion accidently reveal WoW sub#s?

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In Ion's opening remarks he stated roughly 760 million turtles have made it to the water.

760 M (turtles have made it to the water) / 12 = ~63 M times that particular quest was completed.

If we plug in the 1.7 M unconfirmed/very controversial sub estimate from the addon devs…. that would leave us with each sub completing that particular quest ~37 times.

The number is about right for my sub. How about yours?

How many times have you completed the turtle making it to water quest on all your characters?
I avoid that WQ like the plague. Absolutely refused to do it, even when it was the only WQ I could do to finish emissaries. I probably completed it half a dozen times at the most.
Alternatively, WoW's subs could be at just under 63 million, because most people do the quest once and are like, "never doing that one again," and then they stick to doing the maze or the shell game to get their Tortollion emissary done.
thats a stretch
Some next level conspiracy stuff OP. 9/10

If i had a tin foil fedora award i would give it to you.
You're reaching pretty hard with this one.
I have one character at 120.
What Torvald and Tanker said. Also, we have no way of knowing if Ion just pulled that number from his butt.

A better way to guesstimate sub count would be to take the amount of characters at 120 & then divide based on the 49 alts we each are able to make and that would give you a lowball figure for that region.

Do it region by region and you'll have an approximate, lowball total sub count.

*Should be able to get a fairly accurate number of active 120 player characters from sites like Realmpop, etc..
Some next level conspiracy tip foil hat stuff OP. 9/10

Please... continue your snarky comments but please also answer the question:

How many times do you estimate you did that particular quest?

Cause with an average... we can plug that number and validate/invalidate the 1.7M sub estimate.
No he didn't because you have no basis for finding out how many times one subscription did the same quest.

Some people have one character. Some people have multiple characters. Some people need Tortollan reputation, some people don't. Some people do the daily rep grinds, some don't.

The factors affecting the actual value are so wide and varied that it's pure, inaccurate speculation.
SO basically any number ever given will confirm that number to you? Ion has 2 legs. 2 x 850,000 = 1.7m! The numbers fit!
Huge stretch. I'd bet a very large number of people have not completed beachhead more than 10-20 times.

the sub number could be as many as 2-3x that amount. it could be anything. We're not even including the players who have never done beachhead for whatever reason.
The WQ hasn't been up 37 times since I've been 120 and I didn't do them at all in the beginning cuz my jerky mouse (fixed it since). Since I'm exalted, I don't do them now (except for a quick 1 of 4 zone emissary).

Your numbers are skewed. Ion was exaggerating. That's more turtles than what's in the game or in the world. You're dum.
I would say I've completed it about 1/4 of your 37 times?

So there, I just proved that Wow has 6.8 million subs. You can't argue with this logic!
I missed the memo when they nerfed logic and reason.... >.<
Stretch Armstrong levels of reach here.
11/07/2018 11:57 AMPosted by Ythisens
Stretch Armstrong levels of reach here.

Indeed it is.
11/07/2018 11:56 AMPosted by Vixie
You're dum.

dum. heh
11/07/2018 11:57 AMPosted by Ythisens
Stretch Armstrong levels of reach here.

Seriously, I skip beachhead WQ any time I possibly can on all of my toons.
Every people seem to try and come up with ways to claim wow is dying.

Every day they seem to have to stretch and stretch further.

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