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Still looking
Late night bump
Still looking.
"F in chat"

I'm from <Storm> on stormrage and I'm looking for a possible replacement for my tank spot. I'd like to take a few minutes to talk if you're interested.

Things you asked to check:
We raid 2 days, Wed/Thurs 8:00-11:30pm EST.
We are 7/8M, (G'huun multiple pulls sub 3%)

If you have a bit to talk or give me more information that we'd need, contact me.
B.net: Drowsy#1438
Discord: Drowsy#2007
Hello The,

"F in chat"

We're already Alliance, we only raid 2 nights, we've secured CE every tier in Legion and we’re looking for skilled raiders to add to our roster for Mythic G'huun & 8.1

Check out the info below and add us on Real ID if <Regen> sounds like the right fit for you!

[A] <Regen> of US-Magtheridon 7/8M

Tuesday 7-11 EST
Wednesday 7-11 EST

Link to guild info:

Link to WoWprogress:

Officer Real ID:
Lemistio#1110, Seraphim#1985
F MY DUDE, all these clowns copy pasta.

Alright I'll just attach my link to our post.

US 33 <Hard In The Pain>

Might be looking for your services but interested in seeing an application from you.

Fs in the chat for the fallen hommies.

US 63rd Mal'ganis horde we raid Tues-Thurs 7:30-11PM CST.

If you are interested in joining you can add my bnet hype#1252.
<Unified> is a 7/8M mythic raiding community, meaning we are not here for personal gain. We utilize our time as raiders to work together as a team and overcome challenges each tier puts in our path.

Being a mythic community means that we take pride in the fact that we are competitive. With that said, applicants are urged to have the mind-set to come and be competitive with us while maintaining a top-level of performance.

Guild Info: https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/sargeras/Unified

Apply Here: https://discordapp.com/invite/WxYzhxa

Raid Times: Tues, Wed, Thurs 8:30-11:30 CST with raid forming 15 minutes prior to start time

Atmosphere: Fun, Social & Serious - We like to chat and have fun during raid but we're there to kill bosses so we know how to get serious. The roster is very much comp per fight & performance based.

About Us: We are a guild that formed later in Legion with players from guilds that had died or were dying after having given up on the content while the players that formed Unified were still very much in it to play and fight on. Our officers range from people that raided in top world guilds to very dedicated players that want to push higher content and are willing to help others however they can. The goal of Unified is to always do better than our previous tier with the ultimate goal to be within the top 100 US, although we don't intend on becoming a truly hardcore guild, we do want to do our best while still having fun. From your first day as a trial your voice will always be heard by our GM & Officers and we utilize our discord to the fullest for the memes! Feasts, Flasks, Vantus Runes, Gems, Enchants & Repairs are provided by the Guild Bank during the raid, we do not require you hand over any BoEs that drop during raid, we sell carries to keep the GBank stocked.

Trial period: We offer accepted applicants a 2 week trial period in which they will be reviewed by an officer that falls under their role. Individuals are encouraged to also have an alt and/or player more than 1 spec and/or role as per their class. This isn't required, but it is preferred and more so with some classes over others.

For more information please contact: Battle.net ID - Aylen#1875 Discord ID: Aylenn#5605 or Battle.net ID - Shabby#1651 Discord ID: Huggle#9006
Hey there! We have a potential tank slot opening up, and I thought you might be a good fit for us (F in chat). We might not be Alliance, but I think we're definitely worthwhile for you to check out. Feel free to add me if you have any questions, or drop an app! Best of luck in your search.

[H] VOID - voidguild.com - 7/8M
Schedule: Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, 7:30-11:30 PM Central Time.

Current needs - 1/2 raiders (ALL CORE SPOTS):
Ranged DPS (pref. Moonkin, Hunter)
1 Tank (BrM/DK)

Void has been a top raiding guild on the Laughing Skull server for more than four expansions, completing each tier since Wrath of the Lich King through Legion while content was current.

Despite this goal, we are not driven by ranks or by some need to be the best. Void will never have a large bench, class stack or replace one of our raiders just because someone else comes along who might do a few percent more damage or be a fraction of a second faster at dealing with a mechanic. We never go outside of our 12 hour schedule, even in the heat of progression. We simply try to do as well as possible given the time and people available to us.

We're looking for skilled and motivated players who want to raid and clear content in a timely manner, but do not want a crazy schedule to do so. We want people who want to be part of the group and enjoy raiding. Also, as we run a very tight roster, flexibility is important; the ability to play multiple specs or classes at a high level is a plus.

If this sounds what you're looking for, please post an application on our forums (voidguild.com). All applications are private, visible only to the applicant, Void officers, and our senior raiders. Filling out an application completely is the best way to get in contact with us and provide us with the background information we need. If you would like to contact an officer directly, add Vadne#1389, roffletastic#1470, or Jayken#1914 and indicate that you wish to speak about Void recruitment.

App here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScdlAwtcSQoa6Ks8MW0HHOVy_4KgDk89IrXmTwws6rmjmFYRQ/viewform
or at our website http://voidguild.com/

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