Animal Companion bug

Bug Report
1. Animal Companion summoned after 1 or 2 minutes later when main pet summoned.

2. Animal Companion dismissed too late when main pet dismissed or dead.

3. Cannot heal Animal Companion using Mend pet

4. Animal Companion does not use Play Dead.

5. If main pet is revived or summoned before Animal Companion dismissed, then Animal Companion does not follow any commands such as Kill Command, Bestial Wrath, Frenzy Stack, Stomp, Dash, Beast Cleave and so on.

6. Animal Companion does not have avoidance(=80% reduce damage from aoe damage). It means that Animal Companion is too easy to die at every single aoe skill. It also means that BM hunter lose dps until Animal Companion is respawned.

7. Animal Companion' tooltip does not mention main pet's damage reduction. Blizzard should notice that.

I've reported these bugs since 8.0 ptr but blizzard has never fixed that.

If it is hard to fix, then remove that talent.

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