Activision-Blizzard meets Q3 expectations, but what did it cost?

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i preordered WC3R

...i'm helping
IMO companies that deal in large multi-year projects shouldn't be looking at profits in quarterly terms at all. That's useful when you deal in goods where supply and demand are fairly constant, but all it does for a long-term thing like a WoW xpac is encourage some jackass in a suit to force an incomplete product out the door so his portfolio looks slightly better.

On what world do you live on where you think Blizzard had near 0 profits?

The world where 5 years from now they're still doing as well as they are now.

They are making money now. Doesn't mean they'll make money in the near future.

Blizzard needs to reconnect with the playerbase otherwise they will eventually crash.

All their latest releases and attempts to make new/fun games have been failing.

Blizzcon? Are you serious, Blizzard? That was the poorest performance I've ever seen.

Those of you who want to attack for/defend Blizzard, you need to get your head out of your rear ends. Wake up and realize Blizzard doesn't care about you - only your money. You are protecting a selfish entity who doesn't notice anything but dollar signs.

I say all of this as a current BFA player. I've played WOW since 2005. On and off. I love this game. I love the lore. I love the game play. And I love most of the community.

I hurt for Diablo fans. They've been in the dark, waiting patiently for years, quietly for the most part - they get Diablo: Immortal at Blizzcon. And no signs of anything they truly want in a PC experience, which is what they enjoy.

Of course blizzard only cares about your money. Every company only cares about your money. That is the point of a company.

A company has one job. Maximize shareholder profits. That's it. Every decision a company makes has to be in the interest of maximizing shareholder profits. They arent allowed to say "this will lose us revenue but players will like it". They can forge short term profits if they believe it will lead to stronger long term gains but it must be focused on making a profit.
I think it’s interesting that Destiny failed to meet financial expectations and I think that’s probably more relevant. Players simply just don’t come back and a lot of them are gone forever, and when you have a game that’s as old as WoW you’re probably not adding new players faster than you’ll lose long term ones.
I do pray they correct their mistake after that stock drop. Make u wonder maybe that reason mike step down as president for blizzard I think he saw the direction it was heading.
I haven't preordered an xpac since WoD, and don't ever plan to again. I actually didn't even purchase Legion or BfA until a month after release.

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