378 Disc LFG

Main with 378 ilvl and can play both Disc and Holy (Can play Holy if requested but am a Disc OTP)

Have AOTC with 2/8M and Zek'Voz experience.

Started WoW last year but am a fast learner and willing to improve on my rotations and understand the raid bosses inside out.

Am hoping to join a guild that are mature and raid 3 times a day with a goal of improving.

I am also leveling a Hpally on the side to be raid ready so alt runs would be appreciated. Thanks for reading :)
<Vøid> (Alliance) Frostmourne. 8/8H 2/8M. New guild made in BFA. Need 2 DPS for mythic progression.

Guild is also active with Mythic+ Keys

Wednesday - 7pm - 930pm Server Time
Thursday - 7pm - 930pm Server Time
Sunday (Optional) 7pm - 930pm Server Time

365+ ilvl

DPS: pref ranged dps, accepting all applicants
Heals: pref priest


Hey mate,

Guild might be suitable for you :)

[A]<What a Mare>4/8M Wed/Thu 8:30-11:30PM SVT

Raid schedule:
Mythic Progression:-
Wednesday 8:30 - 11:30 pm SVT
Thursday 8:30 - 11:30 pm SVT

Optional heroic run:
Monday at 8:30 - 11:30 pm SVT

x1 Disc Priest

We are also looking for people who are interest in mythic+ keys with the option of raiding on occasions.

We are recruiting skilled, like minded, dedicated players with a view to clearing Mythic content in upcoming raids and pushing high mythic+ keys. We are a close knit group who have been raiding throughout all of Legion and expansions in the past.

What we bring to our guild members:
- A friendly and competent raiding environment that strives to progress in Mythic raids
- Guild's M+ teams who enjoy pushing Mythic+ keystones each week
- Advice on how to play your class/role if needed
- Achievement runs

In return we ask that you maintain a good attendance with a willingness to learn and improve. Must be able to take advice and keep working towards improving. Must be able to commit to raid schedule and be competent of their class.

All exceptional players encouraged to approach us, and all casuals, PvPer's and mythic+ players welcome.

Add an officer on Bnet:
<Centrelink> 3/8m current prog vectis.

We are primarily looking for people mythic prog ready. Willing to trial and jump straight into it.

Raiding times:
Wednesday - 9 - 11pm svt // Full clear Heroic Uldir
Friday - 9- 11 pm svt // Mythic prog
Monday - 9 - 12am svt // Mythic prog

MSG ME IF YOUR INTERESTED! add me on bnet sxcwog#1505
Hey Aoisr,

We're a chill social guild with an organized raid team, currently 8/8H 2/8M and progging on Zek. I'm looking at swapping mains from my own disc priest to my warlock so another great disc player would be a perfect fit for our team!

We raid Wed/Mon from 9:00-11:30pm and have an active discord community and plenty of M+ and other groups throughout the week, as well as an optional alt raid on Sundays. We value committed players and encourage a friendly, drama-free environment.

If you're interested feel free to hit me up for a chat on discord Yudi#1111 or check out our website www.chaosbydesign.com

Best of luck finding a new guild!
Hi Aoisr

At <Eon> we are a 3/8M team 2 nights a week 6-9pm ST Mon/Thurs. We have some decent prog on Vectis and are looking for a priest!

Add me on Tranq#1294


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