<Epitaph> Horde Barthilas

<Epitaph> are recruiting specific roles for our core raid team.

The heart of our guild is a made up of a laid back Aussies, who like to have a laugh, try not to take things too seriously, but are diligent about maintaining our characters and striving to improve our raid performance. Most of us are mid-twenties and over. We try to give each other a helping hand, but also expect you to ultimately take the initiative in maintaining your character.

Our aim as a guild and raid team is to have fun, yet clear heroic and then mythic content efficiently on a 2 night schedule. To achieve this we expect Core raiders to:

⦁ Have as close to 100% attendance as possible
⦁ Let us know well in advance if you can't make a raid
⦁ Keep up to date on your class, strive to improve
⦁ Show up to raid early, know fights, and have consumables on hand
⦁ Can-do attitude, happy to switch specs/roles, or sit if needed
⦁ Communicate, listen to advice
⦁ Interested in guild activities outside of raiding

Raid Times:
Wed: 7:00pm-10:00pm ST
Thur: 7:00pm-10:00pm ST

Core Recruitment:

We're especially looking for the following.

⦁ Frost Death Knight
⦁ Ret Pally

Healers (x2)
⦁ Mistweaver Monk
⦁ Resto Druid
Whether you're a Mythic Keystone player, casual raider, social player, or leveller, you're more than welcome to join the guild.


GM - Ilyria#1311 - Ashalya
Officers - Hallsy#1946 - Shoki/Shizuyo
- Aaron#13677 - Suthix

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