how good were deathknights in vanilla?

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Those Four Horsemen HURT, so they were OP.
In vanilla, all plate wearing classes that could main tank and also be top tier raid dps were game breaking OVerpowered,
Deathknights broke up more guilds than you can imagine. Thats how good they were.
They were so good they weren't even in Classic because of how good they were.
Most with the exception of baron were pretty op... even then there are stories of him 1v5 to 1v10ing people.
They were no better or worse than the Demon Hunters in Vanilla.
They were super evil. One of them killed his own father and went to a large zone you couldn’t reach without dying from fatigue.
They were horrible.
You never saw them anywhere. Definitely the least played class
As good as Paladin or Druid tanks.
They were so awesome, that they didn't exist! :P
Well you see none of us could figure out how to break through the rocks in EP to get to the DK starting area to create our DK's.

Maybe this time we'll figure that out ?
Death Knights are pretty much the go-to hero for undead if you're planning on using crypt fiends as your bread and butter unit. Ghouls aren't really worth using a death coil on.

If you're using ghouls then I'd recommend the dreadlord instead. The dreadlord's vampiric aura will benefit them greatly.

As for your second hero you're pretty much always going to want the Lich for frost nova.
Wholesome trolling.

When you incite trolly answers with your trolly question instead of anger and salt.

10/10 troll
Death Knights were OP in Vanilla

1. DK Players were forever invisible.

2. DK Players never aggroed enemy mobs.

3. DK players never died in PVP.

4. DK players didn't have to level their alts.

5. DK players even had the mount from the Lich King in ICC, Invisible.

Did I mention that DK players were never in Vanilla? They got added in WOTLK.
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Those Four Horsemen HURT, so they were OP.

This. Death knights were deadly. Baron Rivendare was probably the nastiest dungeon boss, and the Four Horsemen regularly reduced 10 times their number of raiders thoroughly covered in epics to a red paste.

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