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I give them 100 gold along with food from my bag. I then escort them to the orphanage and donate more gold to make sure it can handle the influx of new orphans. I offer to make new shoes and clothes with my lestherworking skills.

I may look like a monster but I am a protector of those that cannot defend themselves.
I'd probably tell them to get to the orphanage in their city just before sending my Voidwalker and Infernal to slow down the guards pursuing me.

Besides, their souls are still too immature and not tasty...yet.
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In Orgrimar, and out of the corner of your eye, you see a group of Orc Children huddled up and shivering, they look dirty and hungry. They have an over turned helmet in front of them with a few copper pieces in it. The helmet is dented and has traces of dried blood and a hole in it. One the size roughly of an arrow shaft. One could assume the helmet may have a storied past to it. After pausing,they see you looking their way, and nudge the helmet slightly, the smallest looks to her brother and whimpers "I'm hungry Galtok, are we going to be able to eat tonight?" He pats his sister's head gently and replies weakly "I'm not sure Sheraya.. I'm not sure."

How do you proceed?

"In Orgrimar, and out of the corner of your eye, you see a group of Orc Children "huddled up and shivering

I suspect there's some tomfoolery going on.

/casts flare and quickly uses camouflage.

This is Orgrimmar, no one should be shivering, it's too hot.
i take them to the vindicaar

where they can be trained to be shiny lightforged orcs
I will take the children home with me so they can eat and be sheltered for the day/evening and figure out further plans in the morning.
If it's red its ded

Kids are orange, hmmmmmmmmm

Kids not ded guard is ded tho they can have his hat and shoes
I offer these orcphans some delicious deep fried gnome legs and a warm dwarf-hair blanket
Well if I'm in Ogrimmar I'm most likely on my Belf Hunter, and she was married to an Orc so....She'd take them back to her home, feed them, make them some decent clothing (she's a leather worker so it would be good stuff), get them bathed (cause sorry I'm an elf not an Orc and you WILL have a bath, with good smelling bubble bath too!) then let them play with my pet wolf who will love the company and likely give them a second bath in wolf slobbers (you kind of get used to it after awhile...he's just a slobbery wolf) while I call up my sister the mage to conjure me up some extra rooms, beds, etc to make room for my new little children.

Never got time to half little half orc/half elven babes with the hubby cause he died in the war with legion so we'll just make do with adopting. They will be happy, clean, well fed and well dressed little hunters in training and we'll be one big happy family. And if anyone even DARES to make a snide remark about my little Orc darlings I will put an arrow through them! Or send my wolf to slobber them to death. Whichever seems more entertaining atm.
*conjurs mage table*

Wait. I'm not a mage. Healthstones for everyone?
i adopt them all! teach them how to farm, hunt, defend themselves and send them to school to learn how to make video games for us to play. then when they're off work, we sit around gaming and yelling about pathfinder.
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This is Orgrimmar, no one should be shivering, it's too hot.

I drag the kids back to the orphanage and tell the matron to watch out for a goblin con-artist who's been recruiting her charges.
I adopt them and train them to be Lightforged warriors.

Then I sit back and wait for the outrage to assail my ears while I sip a Long Island iced tea.
Well, they are Horde, so they cannot be allowed to survive...
Kill jester.
Eat them. I want my baby orc, baby orc, baby orc ribs!
Give them a random yu-gi-oh card, and encourage them to succeed.

10 years later I'll face that same kid in the championship, and nod in approval as he declares the attack that dethrones me as champion.

Wait wrong series....ummm same thing but make the card a dagger or something...
I'm Quitting and I open the mailbox.
Report them to the police and ask when they are going to clean up the riffraf out of my faction’s capital city.

There’s some boat farms out the front door, they can EARN their money.

I HATE beggars, too many scam artists about.
I'd remind them that I got them ice cream during children's week, and that I had warned them not to eat it all at once.
Hire Sarah McLachlan to make a commercial where she asks people to sponsor these kids for only "3 gold a week, less than a cup of coffee", while her song "In The Arms Of An Angel" plays in the background.

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