Rushing Jade Wind energy cost

Bug Report
The talent, Rushing Jade Wind. It costs "3 energy, plus 3 per sec."
Except it doesn't. It costs 3 period. I'm not losing 3 per sec, I can have it indefinitely without draining energy.
Is this intended? Is there something I have that's refunding the energy before I notice it's gone?
Are you keeping in mind that you are also regening energy at all times as well? base energy regen will be a lot more than 3 per second. So if all you are doing is just casting rushing jade wind and then standing there watching for the energy cost, then your energy isn't going to drain because you are regening faster than it drains.
Oh, that's cool. I figured it was probably something like that but wasn't entirely sure.
Yeah, today I killed a thing by literally just standing there with the ability running and nothing else. It was funny.
I mean I can't say for sure that it's not costing energy over time, just pointing out that 3 energy per second is basically nothing unless you're also spending it on your rotation.

A better check may be to go to a target dummy and burn your energy as low as you can and then see how long it takes to fill back up with and without rushing jade wind active. If it's costing energy over time like it's supposed to then it should take about 3 or 4 seconds longer with it active.

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