380+ Monk and Priest Lf M Raiding guild

Who are we?
We are a Monk/Priest duo (yes we are a package deal.) We are very competitive with each other and push the other to get better. Although our raid experience with limited due to our guild falling apart and dieing a few weeks ago we have been in stasis for a little bit we are respectively 4/8m and 3/8M.We are both 380+ with level 30 necks at the time of writing this.

Raid availability?
We are open to almost any raid time or day besides saturday and sunday during the day.The more days the better. Please do not message if you are a 2/8 guild.

We will cross realm trial and if we mesh well with your guild we wills transfer. (HORDE ONLY)

Raid commitment?
We won't miss raid for any reason that isn't drastic. Fully intend to have a 95% or higher raid showing.

Raid experience?
Monk: I have little mythic raid experience in the last xpac only emerald nightmare and a little night hold had to quit the game for irl reasons that have since been sorted out.
Bfa Experience: 8/8H 4/8M

Priest: Played casual last expansion with friends but is now looking to raid hardcore.
Bfa Experience: 8/8H 3/8M

What we are looking for?
We are looking for a semi-hardcore/hardcore raiding guild looking to progress and clear content, with that being said we aren't really into drama so we are looking for like minded individuals to raid with and grow with as healers, we are very dedicated to being the best we can be at our classes and play constantly to progress ourselves and our knowledge about our classes.

Monk:380, Level 30 neck, 375 in dps( i can dps, however i prefer not to.) Will learn tanking if needed


Armory: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/character/tichondrius/Moritaka

Raider.io: https://raider.io/characters/us/tichondrius/Moritaka

Priest: 381(Holy MS) 383(Disc Learning currently) level 30 neck


Armory: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/character/tichondrius/Cyren%C3%A3


We have alt heals we are in the process of gearing but without a stable raiding environment it’s taken the back burner for now. Monk is gearing a druid and Priest is gearing a Mw as alts but we will gear whatever is needed for progressions given notice in advance.

If you would like to talk Please feel free to contact me at my bnet or discord.

Discord: PeopleSkills#0997
Bnet: Middleonly#1390
Bump still looking.
<Umbra> 8/8H 1/8M may have some healer spots opening up in a bit here, if you're interested. You can message me at Hotbed#1974 if you'd like more information

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