How are resto druids performing atm?
M+ POV here:

Resto is very well off in M+. Great utility and great options for talents. You can select different build styles for your dungeons which is always a plus.

I haven’t raided but I’ve read their middle of the pack due to heavily relying on proper Tranq set up.
decent tool kit for M+

raiding is kind of meh, a lot revolves around tranq like beyeg said plus the mana game feels frustrating. Be prepared to be middle of the pack.

pvp is about to get a little yuck for resto druids in 8.1, you may want to check out the ptr notes to figure out more
the olny thing I have a hard time raid healing against is a priest. that said I've been pretty casual this xpac and have only been into the heroic raid a few times.
This question needs refinement...

Are you talking PvP, M+, or raiding? Are you a high end mythic raider or are casual normal runs more your thing? Is the number one HPS spot with the lowest effort your priority or no?

Best answer I can give to your concise question is an in kind response. Resto druids are performing well.
Resto is good at both.

For M+ we can stack up our hots ahead of time and spend the first part of the pull playing DPS and utility. Prioritize haste/mastery. We're unusually dependent on a good party though because our spot and reactive healing is kinda crap -- we're less able to pull the 98% awesome group's !@# out of the fire, but we amplify the 100% group better.

For raids we underperform somewhat if you run a universal ilvl gearset, and after a while you really start to feel like you're there to tranq + flourish specific mechanics (which is still hellaciously powerful, mind). There's definitely an itemization gate here though. A lot of the stonewall we feel is that we tend to stack too much mastery, which is nearly useless in raids, so RA gets wasted. Once you stack enough crit for it to soak RA instead, your HPS jumps by several thousand.

That said though, even under ideal circumstances you're going to rely too heavily for comfort on smashing Tranq. 8.1 is supposed to offload some of that to wild growth, which will help our sustained.
They are performing well in all content. They are top choice for high M+ keys and they are putting out good numbers in raids - allbeit with heavy reliance on cooldowns to get competitive HPS throughput which feels more than a little lacklustre. Way too much of our healing comes from Tranquility at the moment in raids. M+ content is fine if you stack Mastery - we are mobile, have possibly the best tank healing cooldown in game right now in Ironbark with Stonebark talent and offer a good playstyle in a competent group running kittyweave with Photosynthesis.

We could use some tweaking but that is true of every class. Very playable...possibly our most effective spec given how low Guardian and Feral are performing right now.

If you mean PvP then Resto isn't great - they had a major nerf at the start of BfA and it took too much away and nothing has been given back as of yet. I suspect they were hoping it would scale with gear, which in my opinion is the reason Feral is so bad for PvE, I suspect at the end of this expansion they will be doing very well, but until gear levels (in particular secondaries) catch up to where they need to be they feel very weak!
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8.1 is supposed to offload some of that to wild growth

The wild growth buff already happened my dude, all that's coming is the tranq nerf next.

It makes zero sense to me, given druids aren't doing amazing even after the WG buff.

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