Professions Should Compliment Each Other

The profession system should bolster market activity and have a mechanism to convert materials from the market and transform them into usable items. If materials are not in demand, there will be too much supply. Bag space and the auction house will be flooded with useless materials.

The scrapping mechanism could also convert items created from professions into a special "bind on pickup" currency like Explusom, Hydrocore and Sanguicell.

In order to prevent the player from being forced into the profession system, the special currency could also be obtained from scrapped gear collected from other sources, like instances and open world activity.

Crafted gear from Blacksmithing, Leatherworking, Tailoring and Engineering have no stats and no sockets. They are raw.

Blacksmithing: Craft all types of weapons. Craft sharpening stones to enhance melee weapons for 2 hours. Craft raw stones that can be enchanted by an enchanter.

Leatherworkering: Craft head, chest, shoulder and leg equipment in plate and leather. Craft permanent utility functions in cloaks.

Tailoring: Craft head, chest, shoulder, legs, cloaks and bags in cloth.

Engineering: Craft wrists, hands, belt and feet in plate, leather and cloth. Scrapping any item grants Engineers a higher probability to yield Explusom, Hydrocore and Sanguicell.

Jewelcrafting: Craft rings and necklaces. Can also craft an item that adds a jewel socket for all types of equipment slots.

Enchanting: Craft scrolls that permanently enchants all types of weapons with powerful properties. Permanently enchant raw stones that enhance left and right hand equipment slots for 2 hour.

Inscription: Craft magical scrolls that adds primary stats and secondary stats to any crafted item. Craft scrolls that permanently inscribes 1 secondary stat into any colored Jewel.

Alchemy: Craft consumable potions. Craft powerful Trinkets from Inscribed Jewels and Enchanted Stones.

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