LvL 19 World PvP?

War Mode and World PvP
I'm twinking already made a vid doing duels outside of org ( ) and i wanna do world pvp for another one. Anyone know a good place to go for something like this?
All I gotta say man is GL when people who are 120 with gear like me swoop down on your toons
Blizzard destroyed wpvp from 1-19 with introduction of WM starting at 20. Best we got now is how people would flag them self for PvP on pve realm and hope others are doing the same.
I suppose you could go to some of the areas Alliance allied races get funnelled into upon spawn. Not really sure where that would be, though.. I guess maybe Westfall and Arathi Highlands? The only zone I've really encountered a lot of low level pvp (currently sitting at 33 on a highmountain tauren) was in STV and it was mostly just people fulfilling their yearly STV griefing quota.

Otherwise though.. especially before like level 30.. it takes so little time to level past 20, you are just not going to encounter a whole lot of people in that level bracket. Your venn diagram of total people playing wow, what level they are, and where you are trying to gank them is just way, way too small, you gotta be targetting like .5% of WoW's playerbase at any given point in time.

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