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It's not me, it's you.

I need a change, but before that a bit of background.

I started my MMO journey with Runescape 2007, and even though I never progressed even half way in a single skill, I had so much fun just making friends and playing a game online. One day in my pre-teens, my dad brought my brother and me to a GameStop and told us we could pick out one game each. He chose some Game Cube game that we hardly ever played, and I chose Resistance: Fall of Man for the PS3. I'm so glad my dad decided to be cheap that day, because he and the cashier convinced me to buy World of Warcraft for only 20 bucks (since BC was out at this point) with the first month for free.

Rameak was the first character I made, and I chose him because I had played a paladin once at the age of 6 in a day care, where the day care lady's son was a huge nerd that made a few of us D&D character sheets, and I looked up to him in every way.

I killed my first gnolls in Echo Ridge Mine, I replaced my first pieces of gear with vendor grays from the measly copper that was all I owned, and I was hooked.

I leveled all the way to 40 before a random I had spammed for an hour to find for Zul'Farrak asked my why I was tanking with only holy talents. Turns out I didn't even know there were multiple talent trees, and my childish mind thought that respeccing meant I permanently lost talent points. So I just started adding Prot points after that run. I also didn't know how to synergize seals with judgment, let alone knew where judgment was found in my spell book.

I ground gorillas for 6 levels cuz I ran out of quests in Stranglethorn Vale. I was free to suffer loss of efficiency, time and wipes because of my naivety, but I was a kid and was happy to be free.

See, I was diagnosed with Tourette's Syndrome (not the kind where you blurt swears, fyi) at 7 years old. I was bullied hard core, and felt powerless in a broken home. WoW gave me a world to explore and grow in, where I felt tangible power and tangible choice that I never had before.

I found a home in Azeroth, and have many stories I could share, like when I accidentally made a pally's only guild named Paladin's Reich, before I knew what a !@#$ was. That lasted a week. Or the time when I had a quest to get to Winterspring, didn't know I could make the furbolgs in the tunnel friendly, and was too weak to kill them solo. I teamed up with a forsaken priest around my level using only emotes, and we cleared full through that place. I'm still hated with those furbolgs to this day.

These radiant experiences couldn't be programmed, and they couldn't be predicted. Please remember that as we move forward.

I lost my childhood home at 17, when the bank repo'd us and I moved off to college. It was my first time without direct authority telling me what my life would be. It was also the beginning of the Cataclysm. In my dorm room I joined a guild called Monkey Business, and started on my first raid team as a Prot Pally along side one of the best friends I've ever had, or ever will have, Odhinnaesir. I've still got contact with him and some of the other friends I made on that team. I was kicked from that guild for refusing to be their whipping post any more. I stood up for myself and got the boot. This planted another seed of darkness.

Mists came, and I had dropped out of college to live with a girl I proposed to, but had no real intention of marrying. I was such a coward, but I still found the way to what I wanted, what I needed. WoW became a full time job for me as I took raiding more and more seriously. I shut out the outside world that was so cruel to me, and eventually I shut her out too, emotionally speaking. I broke up guilds (not once but twice in an expac) for my own progression, eventually becoming the #3 Monk Tank on the server, and I even wrote a long-winded post (like this one) about how Haste was actually a good stat for BM. I'll post a link to that at the end.

the week after I killed Garrosh on Heroic, I quit. I saw what I had become, and chose my girlfriend over WoW. Young lovers make ultimatums all the time, not knowing how poisonous they really are. She and I weren't to last, and again on my own I tried out the first week of WoD. It was more of the same, and I chose not to resub. A Blizz employee was so kind and empathetic to grant me a free week going into an expac, considering my long history with Azeroth.

Legion came, and I resubbed again, excited to finally fight the Burning Legion. Have I mentioned that I've read 95% of the Warcraft Universe Lore? I just haven't read a couple of the comics, online novellas, Horde-side in-game material, and one book. I was trying out college again, and couldn't afford the time or money to keep up a sub, so I dropped out as I hit 110. Doesn't help I wasn't leveling Rameak, but some alt.

I came back in 7.3, and managed to bring Rameak up to 120, slowly churn through all of the 7.0, 7.1 and 7.2 content--in sequence--before getting back to the cutting edge of Antorus. I spent last winter in an 8x12 foot bedroom, with 5 roommates, and I became toxic.

I ran with the toxics, I taught and learned from the toxics, we didn't have to grind out 8 stacks of determination when I led LFRs. Funny thing is, I was cleansing to them. I soaked up their toxicity and became hateful, but they had what they needed, and could love what they were doing again. I unsubbed after I completed enough of the content to be satisfied, and after becoming toxic enough times to not want to anymore.

I'm in a relatively stable living environment now, without threat of injury or psychotic behavior on a regular basis, but something... peculiar... happened when I resubbed (after seeing discord randomly pop up on my computer with all of my friends talking about how they were resubbing).

Every time I would try to open my mic, someone else would open theirs and speak louder. I didn't think anything of it. We can't guess when each other will have something to say in an audio only environment. So I took on a more passive, introspective role rather than be frustrated that I couldn't seem to speak. What happened next was phenomenal.

My friends convinced me to join them for random BGs, and everything the leader said would happen, happened. She would laugh at my attempts to control any outcome, and even strange little things like saying someone would pop hero at this time would happen, without seeming to be whispering the pugs.

I gave up half way through a Warsong Gulch that she had prophesied would fail at the start, and instead went around looking at the beauty that I'd never seen before in the zone. I wanted to get a picturesque view of the battlefield, so I tried to scale a large rock. when that didn't work, I used a goblin glider from above to reach it.

I looked up to get a screenshot-able view of Warsong Hold, and there were 5-6 GMs floating above the field, approximately 200 yards above. Each was wearing their signature GM robes, and it just clicked. I asked "Is there supposed to be strange purple things floating above you guys?" and the jig was up.

in the following weeks, during pre-patch, I got the feeling that I wasn't alone in being manipulated this way. People in general chat would complain that their abilities were melting characters one moment and doing next to nothing the next. WoW was broken with the pre-patch, my friends assured me. WoW was just feeling 'Wonky' and that of course they're working on fixing it.

I've already saved what I wrote so far to an external, in case it gets deleted. Blizz, you know what you did, and you know it was wrong. I already forgave you for that.

I've gotten 2/8M into Uldir with my guild, I'm wearing the full Heroic set and look awesome. People are the same as they ever were, and I'm betting that most have scrubbed last week from their memory, let alone the 'wonky' pre-patch that was never really broken, but meant to break us.

I wrote this pages long diatribe to smell my own farts, but more importantly, to weed out the casuals. You know all about that.

If you have read this far, you are my friend.

The real reason I wanted to make this post was simple: Nazmir. more specifically, the experience I've had in Nazmir, coupled with a comparative video I just watched, titled World of Warcraft vs Final Fantasy XIV vs The Elder Scrolls Online !!! by HeelvsBabyFace. I'll provide links at the end.

See, my guild needs feasts. My guild needs feasts, and I've been farming for them. My guild needs feasts, and I've been farming for them in Nazmir.

Nazmir has a few routes in which to collect Redtail Loach in pools that spawn, but there's a problem this expansion unique to this zone. The other fish needed for feasts is Frenzied Fangtooth, which can spawn in any open water in Kul Tiras. This includes the inner shores of Tiragarde Sound and Drustvar, as well as the outer shores of Drustvar and Stormsong Valley. There is no shortage of Fangtooth to catch.

Redtail Loach pools spawn in only 2 of the three zones, since Vol'Dun is a desert. The waterfalls in every single river of Zuldazar make farming impractical, so the most you'll get is a one way trip, hoping for 3-4 pools before having to use your whistle and fly to another river head. This leaves Nazmir as the only reliable Loach farming zone. It has a conveniently long River extending the length of the zone, forming a large backwards C shape. So there should be no real problem, right?

Sadly, Redtail Loach pools don't always spawn as Redtail Loach pools. there is a chance (and I don't know the %, so I won't make it up) that the Loach pool will respawn as a Great Sea Catfish pool, rendering it useless for feast farming. I've already burnt myself out farming 8 hours for 20 feasts worth of mats and I just happened to stumble upon the aforementioned comparison video to listen to while I did my circuit. It went a little like this:

HeelvsBabyFace sang the praises of WoW's beauty, ranking it highest of the three games, and I felt proud for WoW. WoW's my home, it's my game. I fished up a Loach pool in the inlet that not many people go to. He then went on to rank WoW at the absolute bottom in some other regards, and I felt it was fair. If you wanna hear what he said, listen to the vid. As I listened I rafted down the river, and quickly my hopes for the night sank. Every pool I ran into was Great Sea Catfish. I ran the whole circuit twice and didn't find another single Loach pool.

this means that someone got here before me, fished up every Loach pool, and left. If I wanted to fish Loach from pools (way more efficient than fishing in the same spot, which yields more Catfish anyway), I would have to start fishing Catfish pools, pray that they turned into Loach pools when they respawned, and then pray harder that someone else didn't get to reap the Loach that I had sewed. Maybe by now there's more Loach pools, I don't know.

at this time the video was bashing FFXIV's flat world, and praising ESO and WoW some more. I decided to switch to my other spot in Nazmir, the crocodiles. they are close to the southern end of the fishing route, so I normally incorporate a few of them in to every circuit I make. The crocs are vast and easy to kill, with only a single ability, to reduce damage taken on a cast. I would group 8 or so of them up, cleave them down, and loot them, like I always do.

no meat. Big pull after big pull, no meat. Bad RNG I'm sure, and no one's fault but RNG. I stopped to listen to the video for a second, right as the man was transitioning to leveling and end-game content. He told me about all of the tangible choice and freedom offered in ESO's 'cast what you want, pick any talent, wear any gear on any character' philosophy, and I was reminded of my early days in WoW, when every level meant a tangible choice, every mob a real challenge. I'm sure you could feel the nostalgia I wrote into the beginning of this article.

He talked about FFXIV's crafting systems, and how much love and respect the developers put into them. Here I was farming a necessary item for high end max lvl content with no guarantee I could get the pools even with persistence and vigilance, and I felt the slap across the face, and the wake-up that this is all wrong.

Between being blinded in the pre-patch and manipulated, grinding my sanity away doing the same things as last expac, and the expacs before that, but this time with less reliability than before, I'm thankful to HeelvsBabyFace for showing me two greener pastures.

Sargeras struck true. Azeroth's very heart is corrupted, and I won't soak that toxicity again. I offer no solutions to fix the game. there are millions of champions willing to play their classes the way Blizz intend them to play, willing to groan and suffer as they balance and tune away more and more freedom.

My dps is based on my ability to perform the same intended dance routine as every other ret paladin, but better. So is yours. I won't choose to play another pre-written class to maximum efficiency.

I'm leaving you.
I'm going to ESO.
I choose freedom of spec, with all the pitfalls making the wrong choice will bring.
I had fun that way as a naïve kid, and I hope that I will again.
The treadmill keeps rolling without me, you'll be fine.

It's not me, it's you.

Brewmaster: A case for Haste

World of Warcraft vs Final Fantasy XIV vs The Elder Scrolls Online !!!
Tldr: I quit, go home.
I loved the part about halfway through the story where the dragon showed up and ate your grandpa Clem.

He died the way he lived; covered in saliva.
If even half of what you said was true, thanks for sharing your story. I have no idea what the last four paragraphs were since you lost me at fish farming but the other 20 were a good read
I hope you enjoy the other game. Best of luck out there.
It's best just to fish in one spot.

The GMs were hovering above WSG and... Doing what exactly w/ the players?

Buffing or nerfing them somehow?

Hey Ram,

Totally understand why you're quitting. There's something great about ESO where there's a lot of flexibility with the classes. There's many different ways you can play, different races, different factions, different stories. I really enjoyed what I did play of it, but WoW has a way of sucking me back in every single time.

I hope you have great adventures in ESO. Please share screenshots with us on Discord. I'd love to see what you find out there! Love ya buddy.


P.S.: I've got ESO too and a bunch of characters. If you ever want a friend to run around with, hit me up.

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