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Since we're going out, we might as well go out with a bang and add at least one thread of positivity in the community.

Unfortunately I need to sleep so I need to make this short. Post your list of people that you believe make this community a better place, and why.

Cyndilou. Every post from her always puts a smile on my face. I haven't seen her much anymore.

Zunde. *GASP* Yes. I love Zunde. He's helpful in the pet battle forum, and although he's forever sarcastic, he still is very nice and overall a friendly person if you give him time.

Averyx. Anyone who knows me is probably like OH NO HE DIDNT. Yea. Averyx and I get into a lot of argumets. We don't agree on pretty much anything. But honestly, it's made these forums a much more enjoyable place to be on.

Mortis. I both dread and get excited at the prospect of a new thread when I see one from you. It's either going to be an immediate trainwreck or I'm gonna find myself laughing and upvoting it and occasionally contributing to it.

Snowfox. I hated you as an MVP. No. Hate is a strong word. I DESPISED you as a MVP. But after you left the MVP program you actually came to be a pretty nice person. You're really chill. We have our disagreements, but they're rather basic and they never really get in the middle of the situation.

Triplex. You're gone, but you're not forgotten. I hate your threads. They're ridiculous, make me roll my eyes, everything. But I can't deny that they completely reinvigorate conversation on the forum every time you make a post. When you're here, you're an integral part of this community.

And I know there are others, but I cannot remember them. I took my Ambien like an hour ago and things are getting dizzy. If I remember when I wake up, I'll edit the post and add them. Lol.
Zolaf, lvl 85 Worgen Hunter active during Cataclysm (I think)

He was probably one of the most prolific and effective trolls back then. Most of his stuff revolved Around capitalizing random Words and framing illogical using logic.
snowfox complimented me on my goggles one time.

i was looking for xmog for my bfa goggles.

it gave me warm fuzzies.

infact i put them on again for snowfox
11/12/2018 01:33 AMPosted by Rautha
snowfox complimented me on my goggles one time.

Your goggles are still great!
Koro.. seen this guy since burning crusade.
Anything that comes out of Gnomest's mouth is a favored memory.

I've got a short memory.
Cyndilou was a favorite of mine as well despite that bad run in we had.

I remember killercaitie too, will miss.

Let's see... triplex was good for a laugh even if the theme was bad. He was a dedicated troll. You just don't find that nowadays.

It's hard to remember... memory is just being jogged by the OP I guess.

Snowfox was a favorite for quite awhile back in the green days, giving everyone sass and causing a lot of heads to spin. I guess I hand that torch to crepe now, but I don't see him as much. (You're still a favorite, Snowfox, but you've become a lot more tame with age and your posts are so short now.)

Oh! That one blood elf (I think?) named Fayllyn? Sorry if i butchered the spelling. The one who posted the sanlayn megeathread. We shared a foxhole during the Communities Recruitment War just a few months ago.

Maizou, I'll remember you simply because you're always posting thoughtful stuff (not usually whining either) and we share a community as well.
I miss Doodle Gnome
I just love you all. GD makes life a little easier for me, especially since im fighting a chronic illness. I love the shenanigans that goes on here. Thank you, everyone.

Killercatie is one I remember cause of the gas mask. Rosenivy is a cool dude too. I don't really remember anyone else at the moment.

I doubt I'm remembered though
Adelphie and Midare. You know what you did, dont stop.

Lydon for his hard work and well written posts.

Frostscythe, for being thee queen emo Bloodelf.
11/12/2018 01:50 AMPosted by Svidinn
Anything that comes out of Gnomest's mouth is a favored memory.

I've got a short memory.

Thank you. */hugs Svidinn*

Swiftraven for his gnome eating shenagens

Scruit: For his eccentric gnome scientist skimpy mog.

Bombarda: For that wicked cool name and DI mog

Trying to think of more.
11/12/2018 03:25 AMPosted by Defiaspally
Killercatie is one I remember cause of the gas mask. Rosenivy is a cool dude too. I don't really remember anyone else at the moment.

shucks :)
Oh does anyone remember Breadisfunny? I think that was their name. I liked that name.
11/12/2018 03:10 AMPosted by Rosenivy
I miss Doodle Gnome

Can you imagine Doodle Gnome able to embed images?

Oh. My. God.
Lucifuge, Snowfox, Swiftraven, the dude with the well written post which name.i can't remember (hahaha).

Raistlin amuses me.

I forgot Grumbles, cool dude.
11/12/2018 03:50 AMPosted by Gnomest
Swiftraven for his gnome eating shenagens

Swiftraven for his very subtle take on 'Allied Races'.
I love snowfox and that gnome that always leaves cookies
Mortis has been my favorite poster here.

Always positive and posting funny jokes, really cool person.

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