Racial Strength

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11/12/2018 10:18 PMPosted by Smig
I'd think it would go more like this. I eeserve the right to change any when ever I feel like it.

1. Tauren
2. orc
3. Dwarf/troll (zandalari)
3.5. Kultiron /troll (darkspear)
4. Goblin
5. draenei/ worgen(doggo mode)
6. night elf
7. Human/ worgen (cockney mode)
8. Blood elf/ emo elf/ high elf
9. Gnome

And that's everyone. Nope didn't miss a thing. Every acceptable race is accounted for
ahem, pilav would like a word with you
Tauren are the strongest by a long shot

None of the other playable races come close

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