Retribution paladin needs a rework

It's been long enough with this problem, ret does a !@#$ ton of damage during wings (most recent iteration is wings one shot) and is useless outside of them.

The spec is the most boring it has been in a long time, blizzard needs to take a serious look at ret and give it a rework that makes for meaningful gameplay and not braindead one shots being the only viable option.
Try using that sweet utility
I want my seals back. Ideally in the form of short cooldowns this time with various different effects and the ability to combo them with Judgment.

Aside from that, nerfing our damage a little and compensating for that with increased mobility would be dandy. Give the Prot PvP talent Steed of Glory to Rets. I don't think we need a complete rework or anything.
11/13/2018 07:26 AMPosted by Explîcît
Try using that sweet utility

Please no, 2s is already a joke for obvious reasons but hybrids like paladins healing 250k is super obnoxious.
A mage complaining about ret.. in 2s?¿?¿? Don't you have pho... slows?
I've been saying this since the inception of Avengers might x3. Its a terrible way to play ret and you literally do 0 Damage outside of wings. Its awful that we have to play this spec. We need some serious reworks.

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