Surprise: If you want to play Nightborne, play Legion first

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11/13/2018 01:36 PMPosted by Mistwynd
I find Blizzard's decision to require players to play large chunks of Legion to access some of the allied races in BFA to be rather strange.

This is the first time in WoW's history where you couldn't access all of the latest expansion's content, just by buying and playing that expansion.

This makes sense. Expansions are supposed to serve as a reset and bring new or returning players back on an even playing field. It's how all prior expansions worked. It's what players expect.

But then in BFA Blizzard does this. It feels like a very poorly thought out decision on Blizzard's part. I think they messed up.

It may be a sign the devs are a bit out of touch with the playerbase. Sorta like Diablo Immortals.

As a returning player who completely missed Legion, I truly enjoyed getting to witness some of the things that happened while I was unlocking an allied race.
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11/13/2018 02:21 PMPosted by Brahmina
...I've always thought those first four races should have been part of Legion entirely and NOT required a pre-purchase of BfA. Linking them to BfA was an idea that came straight from Marketing and not the devs, I'm sure. It makes no sense at all for them to have anything to do with BfA, and every sense that they require Legion quests and rep.

But as soon as you start BFA you are set off as an ambassador to bring them into the fold because of the current events in BFA, are you not? Isn't that the definition of plot function?
No. The quest to "bring them into the fold" happened in Legion. You just had to pre-purchase the BfA expansion in order to get the quest. But many, many players had the allied races opened and leveled to 110 before BfA even launched.
11/13/2018 12:50 PMPosted by Hellskull
So question to the WoW collective: Is it easier to grind up Legion flight or should I just focus on finishing the Insurrection quest and grinding to exalted with NIghtfallen with a ground mount?

Everyone that completed Insurrection while it was current content did so without flying.
11/13/2018 12:50 PMPosted by Hellskull
So question to the WoW collective: Is it easier to grind up Legion flight or should I just focus on finishing the Insurrection quest and grinding to exalted with NIghtfallen with a ground mount?

Why can't you do both?

You don't need flight to finish Insurrection, but you do need Insurrection to fly.

What does this have to do with Allied Races?
11/13/2018 12:50 PMPosted by Hellskull
I really wish Blizz would offer a warning on the box that you have to play a ton of previous content to make a new Allied Race.

Umm... they did...

It says: "Purchase Battle for Azeroth and begin your quest to recruit four new playable Allied Races. Heroes of the Horde can enlist the Highmountain Tauren and Nightborne, and champions of the Alliance can add the Lightforged Draenei and Void Elves to their ranks."
11/13/2018 12:50 PMPosted by Hellskull
I bought the expansion and came back thinking I could boost to 110, play BFA questing to open up new allied race. Well, wrong, tricks on you.

A simple Google search to find out what "your quest to recruit four new Allied Races" meant would have taken you to this guide:
Which tells you everything you needed to know prior to your purchase.

So... At least you're right about one thing. The "trick" is on you... Be a more informed consumer. Read all the "fine print". Do some research on your purchases.
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11/13/2018 01:06 PMPosted by Nutts
Blizzard made it no secret that the first 4 Allied Races had to be unlocked with Legion content... and their advertisement for Allied Races as a whole was clear from the start that they are UNLOCKABLE RACES unlike previous expansion races.

As for the Nightborne. Just do the quest line, you will be exalted with them by the end of it anyways. Unlike all other Allied Races you actually can unlock the Nightborne simply by doing their story line quests... all other Allied Races require a couple weeks of WQ grinds to unlock. The two for the Alliance are the worst of all to grind out the reps for...

The text only indicates there is a questline. To the reader who has not been following the issue, it doesn't even suggest that there is way more to it than what they are reading.

So fail. No customer for a game should have to spend a year cruising forums and reading news sites to make sure they don't miss this sort of information. The text is meant to sell the expansion to people who aren't asking questions they have no way of knowing they should be asking.

I have to disagree and call drama bandwagon. It took me just ten days to unlock NB. That is from 0 rep and also needing to use google. Don't scare people and perpetuate the myth that allied rep grinds are long and mysterious.
Wait til 8.1 comes out, it will take much less time to get the rep for nightfallen. Stick to the Suramar storyline, it will get you to exalted in no time. Dont worry about going after the flying bit unless you want it easier for your alts to run through it... or a completionist like I am. :)

Best of luck to you
Nightbournes are floozy addicts anyways
11/13/2018 01:17 PMPosted by Hrumn
This is an ad landing page specifically selling BFA. "Quest to recruit" does not convey to new or returning players buying this new expansion they'll be engaged in a long and tedious rep grind in an old expansion -- whether for Nightborne or any other Allied race.

Then use the power of the internet to look up what the exact requirements are before buying.
Think a solution would be to allow scaling on the mobs to go higher than 110, there now you could choose to level in either BFA content or Legion content on a boosted character.
11/13/2018 12:58 PMPosted by Amarlly
If you think Nightborne are bad then you should read up on how Alliance players unlock Void Elves and Lightforged Draenei.

so true lol.....the big rep hit quests from light boy and Illidan help but, yeah, only comes once a week.

op. run bfa to 120. get even the "crap" gear that gets by 120 ding.

go back, blow through the suramar run. And later on you smash dungeons for stuff like order hall, mogs, etc.

you don't need pathfinder. I got my nightborne then got flight later.

to make life real easier....collect up the ancient mana in suramar. You want all the rock you can find. After a quest is introduced it pops up a WQ every day or so. forget the name, its one where you train the fallen in a temple/shrine.

Why you collect the mana. You load up as many fallen you can. You will rush to kill all one shot style (bosses need more, not too bad though). You leave the fallen to be a large posse to open doors and pull up chests. Chests will have rep token rewards. this rakes in some nice rep.

Also a kind of sick way to farm rep. Get the 3 crackheads needing fixes every other day or so. 225 rep total to give them a fix. Basically a quick and sleazy 3 "WQ" run in 10 seconds or less lol. Not an official quest but yeah...its 75 rep pops per crackhead.

Also 8.1 will be double rep...will ease this a bit.
11/13/2018 01:12 PMPosted by Nemestrïnus
surprise: if you want to play a race who was introduced and had their story completely wrapped in in Legion, you have to play Legion in order to unlock them.

Yeah I also had to grind rep to unlock races before.

Stop being an apologist defending blizzard attempt to create blanket content by adding reskinned races into the game behind a tedious grind
Play legion. You'll have more fun.
11/13/2018 01:36 PMPosted by Mistwynd

This is the first time in WoW's history where you couldn't access all of the latest expansion's content, just by buying and playing that expansion.

Errr, so? This is also the first time in WoW's history where Allied Races are introduced.
What's your point?
Dont see why people are actually defending this obvious time gate content that was only added to litearlly artifically create content that isnt even enjoyable.
I just don’t understand the complaints on this topic at all.

The assumption was that people who played through Legion were either exalted w/ all the factions or pretty close.

For players who missed Legion, like I did, merely had to go back and play content that I was planning on doing anyway.

It takes very little effort. I did the high mountains in two months at a leisurely pace on my Alliance main (human rep bonus) while playing this one through Battle.

Eventually I will unlock the others, again with very little effort.
Since I boosted Jan 30, then had both of my allied factions to exalted by March 6 (even though my main had them exalted.... already.):

We already knew this. I did it without my main's help, for the heck of it, intending to see how "difficult" it was.

Let me introduce you to this thing called "The Internet", it has "google" and stuff on it.

At this point, I'm pretty sure most of you are fibbing in the hopes that something changes. I remember all of you when it was first announced, when it first went live, and people were STILL saying,

"Oh yeah, but surely when BFA releases..."

NO, SURELY NOT, with you having EONS of time to raise them. It is NOT EVEN HARD. It is one of the EASIEST things to do, in the entire game.
If the Nightborne are the only race you want, I'd focus doing that without flying. You have to have (or you did, dunno about today) all reps to rev level to unlock flying, so if that's your focus, you can just concentrate on Suramar. But given that you need exalted to unlock, you'll have lots of time to finish up what you need to unlock flying. It took me a couple of weeks to unlock them. Weeks I might add I felt was a total bait and switch. Didn't like the zone myself "Something isn't right". Little bitter. Not that the Nightborne went Horde. But that I was forced to spend so much time with them with Blizzard knowing they would go Horde.

Legion was good times. You unlock two allied race getting to the end of the expansion and surprise, they're Horde. But don't worry. You get to grind past the expansion for the two races for your side for weeks and weeks. I guess that's the price we had to pay for getting such sweet story. It was a really good story though. And the Horde got that great one where someone broke a lamp or something... ;)
How is it a surprise when I see a new thread about this every day?
highmountain is easy as pie to unlock. here's how

1) be a demon hunter/cajole a demon hunter into doing it for you
2) glide and jump and flip through 60% of the dungeon and kill the worm
3) have your party meeting stone you out and reset instance

you get 1k rep per 4 runs meaning 250 per, and in total you will need 42k rep in total. meaning you will need to do 168 runs of this dungeon to unlock if you're starting from Neutral. if you do the storyline and wqs you should easily make honored which shaves a considerable amount of rep off at 33000 which totals out to 132 runs needed for exalted.

nightborne are a bit trickier but just do the storyline. it might take forever but if you keep at the story and world quests everyday you will most likely hit exalted before you finish the story.
^ Lol.

Or you could quest for 2.5 hours.

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