Six month regrets

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It's called "buyer's remorse" and no there isn't support. You agreed to a contract when you purchased it. Both sides got their successful obligations done(They got their money, you got the mount+6 months sub time). Think next time and don't fall for this future offer with a different mount.
11/13/2018 10:41 PMPosted by Undogro
Is there a support group for people who bought six month subs for WoW?

I repair industrial equipment. It's exhausting to work for customers, communicate with customers, find solutions for customers, and then come home and realize I've given money to a company that makes what they want and leaves content bugged for months at a time. Comcast fixes bugs faster than Blizzard acknowledges them -and- they'll issue a credit.

Skimming the forums, there's plenty of other reasons people don't seem to respect Blizzard, but mine is that there's no real pride in their work. They pinch it out, but they don't polish it. I was dumb enough to buy six months of an unpolished product, and now I shout into the wind.


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