Current bugs with WW honor talents 11/14/18

Reverse Harm: not sure if this is a bug or working as intended. The wording on the ability is a bit confusing. Technically it says the target takes dmg based on the amount that reverse harm heals the target. I have found with this ability is that if you are at 100% life and you are Overhead when you use Reverse harm it does not damage the target. That is taken further to if you say have 5k missing HP and reverse harm heals you for 5K and another 5K over heal the enemy target only takes 5k dmg

Pressure Points: quite a few bugs with this ability. Firstly, if you apply TOD to the target before they get to 10% health then get them to 10% health or lower TOD does not go off and instantly kill the target. Another bug is if you get the target low enough that TOD is the ability that kills them it does not Reset the CD on TOD. Third and finale bug (or possibly working as intended but with the other bugs it’s hard to say) if you apply TOD to the target at or below 10% life it will instant kill them and it will reset the CD. All in all, this ability is Bugged to hell ATM.

Turbo fists: This ability just doesn’t work. It does not apply the slow also nor does it do full dmg to all targets in your fist frontal cone. It also does not parry all abilities in you FoF.

EDITED*Wind Waker: Again, this ability just does not work. (edit)So this ability is working it just gives little to no indication that it has been triggered

All the old pre-8.1 honor talents still work for WW. Alpha tiger is a new Honor talent as of 8.1 that did not work last patch and now it does so some of the abilities are working, but now all,

i will update this port if i find any more bugs or if the abilities start to work properly.
11/14/2018 12:51 AMPosted by Harver
Wind Waker: Again, this ability just does not work

Wind Waker was definitely working and you can see the icon when it triggers but there is ZERO indication or buff/debuff tracking associated with it other than the brief immunity buff. I'm really hoping they add something for that before I need to make WeakAuras just to track it like we did with CTM.

I wasn't running into too many bugs though. Turbo Fists still doesn't work though.
Windwaker was the only ability in the list I wasn't 100% on when I was testing. It's hard to test the ability with it not having an icon or any indication of it actually working I'll edit my post tho to reflect that. My bigger concern was pressure point. This ability is just all over the place with what it's currently doing. Part of it works but not exactly how I think it's supposed to work,but then again maybe that's how they ment for it to work. I guess we will have to wait and see.

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