[Exfinium Guild OC Caelestrasz]

Guild Recruitment
[Exfinium Guild OC Caelestrasz] are opening our home to anyone who wants to enjoy the game whilst doing what you love, we don't want any elitist jerks joining and ruining our home, We are currently in the process of reforming a raid team for heroic progression, We hang out and do mythic+ key stones and encourage each other in everything we do. We never put anyone down, we build them up!

We also don't want any guild hoppers, a lot of us put our time and energy into helping players and don't appreciate the disrespect. We all work or run businesses so this is our down time where we can enjoy hanging out with each other playing our favorite game.

Number 1 rule: have fun.
Hit me up if you want to join our family, foretold#1857

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