Do Classes still feel different to anyone

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Years ago, classes felt different. If you saw X class coming at you you knew the fight was going to inherently be different then if you faught X class.

Now it all just feels the same.

Everyone has interrupt
Everyone has some heals / saves / self crap
Everyone has CC (some spammable some not)

The only thing different right now is just is it ranged or melee atleast to me.

Tanks differ only because blood is broken currently.
Healers only differ when talking about priest (not so much a PVE thing).

Everything else just feels identical, you play

And thats it, im lacking the "class" purpose or feeling, losing the motivation to roll alts or level anything else due to it also. Just curious if others feel the same.
I’m with you. Bland classes stripped away that barely resemble what they once were.
Nope all the same, see class fight class die to class.
Idk why, when blizz was trying so hard to get away from class homogenization, they decided to give boomkins and shamans a rage bar.
im just an iced themed gimped warrior now and it sucks
Some feel different. But I think more feel the same than ever before which is sad, because the whole reason for watering down the classes and pruning half their spellbook was supposed to be to make them feel different.

But they failed at that. To me, way too many classes all have a simple builder/spender system like rage. Warriors, DHs, dps shaman, moonkin, and survival hunters all play so similar. Then there's the combo point classes... rogues, feral, ret, windwalker... all very similar. Dks basically just use rage but with combo points too.

Every hybrid dps spec all have the same mana pool, with very similar healing spells. It didn't used to be that way.

I miss enhancement shaman from before legion. They were so unique. Demo locks pre legion were very unique too with how meta form worked and your fury resource, it was a lot of fun. Hunter specs pre legion all used focus and it was a unique resource with casted builder, now bm and survival basically just have energy.

Overall in their attempt to make everything more simple for newer players, they have destroyed what make the classes unique.
A lot of the utility overlaps, and a common theme across the specs now is "build and spend"

There is very little personality in class design now.
10/08/2018 01:10 PMPosted by Raypugh
I’m with you. Bland classes stripped away that barely resemble what they once were.


None of the Rogue specs even feels like a Rogue anymore with all the pruning.

It's so sad that they have done to this game.
no, all classes feel exactly the same. there is no difference between chaos bolt and lava burst with flame shock or brain freeze proc, it all feels the same. literally the main reason I barely pvp. the other reason is that everything hits really weak, I don't want to spend 20 seconds fighting a random noob in bg.
With the upcoming elemental changes i see literally no difference between ele and balance.

I mean c’mon earthshock become our starsurge. Flame Shock-sun/moonfire, lightning bolt-wraith, lavaburst-lunar fire are the builders.
Earthquake-starfall aoe spenders
Earthshock (empower builders with 8.1 talent) and starsurge (empower builders with core) are the single target spenders.

I can dig even more but the basic rotation is pretty much same.
10/08/2018 04:00 PMPosted by Drothor
lava burst with flame shock

LB hits same as Lightning Bolt since the recent Buffs/Nerfs. What a time we live in.
Rogue, Druid, Monk: Build up your wow bitcoins and cash them in on big damage + energy drink bar management.

Hunter, Demon Hunter, Warrior: Don't let your wow energy drink bar ever go to 100 or below 50 in case you need to spike big damage.

Mage, priest, Laser chicken, warlock: You can't oom without actually doing something horribly wrong. so, just hit your buttons in the DDR fashion they pop up and maintain vigil on your wow thirst meter. Sometimes you gotta press a button to be less thirsty.
10/08/2018 01:14 PMPosted by Braxz
Idk why, when blizz was trying so hard to get away from class homogenization, they decided to give boomkins and shamans a rage bar.


Not every class/spec needs a damn spender/generator. What was wrong with them using Mana as a resource? Again, when Legion came the stupid devs took a giant hatchet and cut every damn thing that made classes great into crap. Things that people didn't even ask for.
I just use a DPS rotation helper addon that tells me what button to press, it gets me to 80%-90% of a fully human output. The only real difference is that an addon can't account for mechanics and saving that once-every-three-minutes buff at a better part of the fights.

So most DPS classes have a different flow and rhythm, pauses in the rotation for resources to recoup or sequence that change up over time.

There's a huge difference between the ABC (always be casting) specs and the "wait for the proc" specs.
Yeah it used to feel different for DPS especially. Now most hybrid DPS specs feel like a crappier version of rogue, mage, warlock.
Specs feel different.
1/3 are playable. Boring but still playable.
1/3 are held together by a gimmick either a talent(s) or Azerite.
1/3 are unviable, bordering on (if not already) unplayable.
Pruned and gutted. And no leggos or artifact traits to compensate, cuz Azerite traits absolutely do not.
10/08/2018 10:28 PMPosted by Zubdub
Yeah it used to feel different for DPS especially. Now most hybrid DPS specs feel like a crappier version of rogue, mage, warlock.

Good observation, I agree completely. Blizzard never got past Everquest-1 "hybrid tax" thinking and it isn't aging well.
10/09/2018 12:01 PMPosted by Aynrand
"hybrid tax"

There hasn't been true hybrids for over 4 years. Get over it.
It's what has killed WoW for me. Remember all the unique mechanics for classes such as paladin auras and seals, all the niche shaman totems or windfury/stormlash totem, stances removed from warriors, managing 3 different rune types for presences for DKs, etc.

I mean as a warlock I have no curses baseline at all. It's ridiculous. Where's my curse of weakness/enfeeblement, exhaustion, recklessness, elements, tongues, etc.

Literally 1/2 of my talent tree used to be baseline abilities. The talent trees since legion have been the most lazy, uninspired design I've ever seen.

It's another reason why I hate pvp talents. It gives blizzard a reason to prune more baseline sh#! from my class and make me pick between them with scuffed talents that only work in pvp or warmode.

It also affects raiding because as a dps, I feel like I have less interactivity with other dps. For example, popping anti-magic zone as a DK and saving half the raid from magic damage. Or a warrior popping skull banner while the destro lock pops dark souls and smacks with his chaos bolts. It's stuff like that where you can feel unique and not just like you're pressing 123123123.

Pruning has ruined WoW for me ever since WoD/Legion and I can't believe this is the same game. It's awful.

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