ilvl 359 DH + 2 friends lf a new guild

Guild Recruitment
Currently looking for a new guild for myself and my friends. We are very flexible with our time especially from thursday to saturday. we prefer some late nighters as well since 2 of us can play till about 3 am server time. We are coming from a guild we made but due to lack of players and any kind of effort from majority of the guild we are leaving. Wanting a guild that is interested in Mythic + and Raiding heroic/mythic. Would also prefer a guild who just doesn't log on and off for and after raid times.

my battle tag is crycry#11261
Check out the recruiting discord for NA & OC: ^_^ Happy hunting!

If you're open to joining us on Sargeras we could be an option for your group. Add my btag below if you're interested in chatting further! :)

Based on your post I think our guild could be a good fit for you! We are a new guild looking to recruit all for a more casual, social, and semi-serious progression focused guild. We are putting together a core raiding team but are more than happy to recruit players of all levels and play styles. Once we recruit enough members we will be scheduling and organizing guild M+ groups and "open run" nights as well. We plan to also put together a PvP team in the future as our guild grows. I've included a quick guild summary below for your convenience.

<Estratovus> is a new Alliance guild on Sargeras (US) that is currently looking to recruit all for raiding and PvP. We run in a more semi-serious progression focused environment. Even though we raid on the more "casual" basis we do play to succeed and our goal is to push relevant content, including Heroic/Mythic.

Guild Highlights
• Raiding, Dungeons/M+, PvP, World PvP, Xmog Runs, Leveling/Social focuses
• Adult/mature guild (21+) - most of us are working adults
• A more casual and friendly environment
• Returning or new player(s) friendly
• Inclusive "All Are Welcome" Policy - LGBTQ+ friendly
Raid Times:
• Wednesday from 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM Central/Server Time
• Saturday from 7:00 PM - 11:00 PM Central/Server Time
• Sunday from 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM Central/Server Time (Cleanup Night/As Scheduled)

Recruitment Needs:
• 1 Tank (open to any class)
• 1+ Off-Tank w/DPS Main Spec (open to all classes)
• 1-2+ Healer (Rdruid, MW, Shaman highly preferred but open to all healer specs)
• 1+ Off-Healers w/DPS Main Spec (open to all classes)
• 5+ DPS - all classes/specs considered (preferred boomie, spriest, hunt, mage, lock, and melee)
• Raid Leader(s) - preferably someone who has at least full NM experience to get our group progressing quickly into HM/Mythic. Open to a collaborative or co-leaders setup as well.
• Any players who are interested in casual/fill-in raiding or just need a guild to call home. Willing to help new or returning players.

If you're interested at all feel free to contact either Kotipelto#1337 or Dayereth#1469.

Thanks for your consideration!
Hi there!

I read your post and I think my guild, <Exõdus>, could possibly be a great fit for you!

We raid Tuesdays & Thursdays 9-11:30 Eastern, we're pretty cool and I hope you'll check us out if that's workable for you!

Our goal as a guild is to be part of a community where members don't just raid together, we also run Myth+ dungeons as a team and buddy up for sanity while we do the daily and weekly hamster wheel quests.

The atmosphere of our raids is pretty relaxed. We joke around a bit during the trivial stuff, and then focus and get things done on the new pulls. I like it because it's a great way to unwind in the evening.

A lot of us are really big fans of myth+ content, and we love to run dungeons as a team. We try to make sure everyone at least runs something each week to get their cache, but if dungeons are your thing we'd very much like to add you to the team that tries to push keys as high as possible.

If any of this sounds interesting to you, I hope you'll contact me or drop into our discord and get to know us!

Contact: Bnet | Discord
Soteria#1103 | Soteria#3426
Please hit me up in-game, my ID will be below. I would love to chat with you!

<War Chief> is a reviving 2-night raiding guild on the Emerald Dream server. We are seeking more like-minded members who are looking to progress on a more casual time-frame. We are currently 3/8H in and 8/8 N Uldir. We will accept anyone with the willingness to learn and be patient while we progress and fill our team!

Our Leaders
The guild leader has a long history of pushing high end content, starting in BC as a Hand of A’dal. Currently 3/8H and 8/8N. Our RL also have high end raiding exp and is very adaptable, with much success leading newer players through difficult content! We are always here to help you help yourself perform the best you possibly can, meaning we will provide you with any information you need, run mythic plus to help you gear, and provide you with a clear explanation of every encounter that we will be progressing on.

What is expected of our members:
As a member of our team we expect you to perform at a decently-skilled level. (IE know the fights, have a progressive non-tilt mindset) Have decent raiding iLvL (will help you gear if you ask or need to!) and to sign up for raid nights you wish to attend (Don’t need to attend everyone single one or any.)

The Goal
Our goal as a guild is to push through every tier and see how far as a guild we can go. We provide a non-toxic environment for raiders to grow and progress as we push together as a team. We also wish to have every member value the guild as much as we do as we look at it with high importance and relevancy to our life. We put a lot of time and value into our members and we will always appreciate the same mentality.

Raid days and times
Saturday: 7:30pm CST – 11pm CST
Sunday: 7:30pm CST – 11pm CST

Classes and specs we are looking for
Any exceptional players should still contact us for an interview!
Contact information
Guild Master-Mokal Btag Guuron#1912

(My ID) Healing Officer/Recruitment Officer: Geekyre Btag Geekyre#1117
Officer/Raid Lead: -Trueicess Btag Truess2001#1333
Guild Name: Patchwerk
Realm: [H] Dark Iron
Contacts: Energee, Patbatemans, Mcsqueebles
Battle-Tag: Geesicks#1950, TvThief#1156, mcsqueeb#1267
Current Progression: 7/8H Uldir

At our core, we're a tight knit group of RL friends, that have been playing WoW together since vanilla. We all play the game to relax and release stress from our every day lives, but our goal is to get AOTC each tier and progress into mythic as much as possible. Most all of us are active in game and discord daily, and are good with helping each other when needed. A bunch of us are big into Mythic+s and try to get everyone 9 or 10s at a minimum each week.

Raid Times:
Tues/Wed/Thurs 8-10pm Arizona time
Alt Raid on the weekend - currently no set time

Looking For:
Accepting all like-minded and competent raiders, and Mythic+ runners. Really looking for a solid tank (prefer Monk/dk), a ranged dps (hunter/mage/warlock/boomkin), a melee dps, and a healer (priest,shaman), but are accepting everyone, as we are fairly adaptable, and some of us are willing to class change as needed.

If you have any questions, feel free to add or message us.
Gonna keep this short and sweet. <Faceroll>[H] on Arthas is recruiting we need 1 dps and solid healer for our 2 day raid week. Friday and Saturdays 7-1030pm PST. Pushing into mythic raid content. Currently 7/8H with 8% on Ghuun. We also like destroying some M+ keys. Get in touch would love to hear from you!
Healzofsteel [Guild / Raid Leader] - Sauron#1367

Alzar[Guild Co-Leader] - Alzar#11256

Blackstool[Guild Co-Leader] - Blackstool#1408
We are Currently 5/8 H !

If this sounds like a good fit please drop a quick 2 min app at we are almost full on our 20 man roster.
<Last Stand> [A] guild on Moonrunner is recruiting!! We’ve been together since Vanilla WoW and are looking to recruit more future friends!

Current progression: 8/8N, 5/8H

- Tuesday, 6-9pm PST (Progression)
- Wednesday, 6-9pm PST (Progression)
- Sunday, 6-9pm PST (Normal clear)

- Warlock!
- 2 to 3 Ranged DPS
- Pally Healer
- Druid Healer
- Will to consider any skilled/versatile player

*Flasks, food, and repairs covered by the guild on progression evenings.

*We understand real life > game life, but we do ask that our raiders have excellent raid attendance. If something in life comes up, please let an officer know you will be late or absent.


Officer Contact:
Ashley1640#1792 (June)
Axemurderer#1565 (Bstick)
DarthViper#1116 (Darthviper)
BattleCat#11818 (Cosmicbessy)
Would you guys be willing to trial with us and possibly server transfer?

We have 1 heal and 4 DPS spots open for our core raid team. Would love to have you guys!

We're a group of experienced raiders pushing into Mythic on a 2x 6/hour per week raid schedule. We're mostly ex-hardcore raiders and older players who want progression but can’t commit to hardcore schedules. Our raid lead has been leading since AQ40. We are recruiting a few more to fill out our 20 man roster.

What you get when you join us?

A group who pushes keys on non raid days!
A fun raiding environment!
Feast and Cauldrons provided!
Christmas cookies!

Tuesday / Friday 9 - 12 CST
(Optional) Normal Thursday 9 - 12 CST
We do Mythic on Tuesdays until we hit a wall and then go in and do heroic the rest of the week.

What we're looking for
I don’t care what your class is as long as you’re a good player. Feral druid? Shadow Priest? Shaman? Come apply! We're looking for players who show up on time, prepared, and research the fights before hand. We want players who focus on mechanics, volunteer for soaks, and play their class instead of their spec. We want players with strong Tmog game. Discord is required.

Contact via Discord
Raid Leader: Blind#8000
GM: BlueIntimacy#1207
Officer: cyndraei#4163
(6/8H 1/8M) Wowprogress:
Hey bud! <Dead Mans Party> is a Horde guild on Alexstrasza/Terokkar. We're recruiting for heroic progression! We're just now getting into heroic and we're looking for dps and a healer! We raid Tues/Wednesday from 7:30-10:00pm CST. We are more active during the night, that is when we do our M+ runs. Our focus is AOTC while dipping our toes in mythic content. My btag is Topgunn#11376 if you're interested, add me!
<Last Stand> [A] guild on Moonrunner is recruiting!! We’ve been together since Vanilla WoW and are looking to recruit more future friends! We are a laid back, friendly guild with the majority of our age range being between 20s-60s. We have a little something for everyone - we have lore nerds, keyboard face smashers, social butterflies, and raid content focused people. The way we look at raids is that wiping with friends is WAY more fun than hitting a brick wall with a progression-only focused guild. We are recruiting at this time because we had a few key players take some time off due to real life shenanigans that left 0 time for play :( We are really looking for a couple of people that can join us for 99% of our raids.

Current progression: 8/8N, 5/8H

- Tuesday, 6-9pm PST (Progression)
- Wednesday, 6-9pm PST (Progression)
- Sunday, 6-9pm PST (Normal clear)

- Warlock (we do not have a full-time Warlock)
- Mage
- 2 to 3 Ranged DPS
- Pally Healer
- Druid Healer
- Will to consider any skilled/versatile player

*Flasks, food, and repairs covered by the guild on progression evenings.

*We understand real life > game life, but we do ask that our raiders have excellent raid attendance. If something in life comes up, please let an officer know you will be late or absent.


Officer Contact:
Ashley1640#1792 (June)
Axemurderer#1565 (Bstick)
DarthViper#1116 (Darthviper)
BattleCat#11818 (Cosmicbessy)
<Faceroll> We are looking for all DPS to help with mythic progression and to finish off heroic we are currently 8/8 N and 7/8 H with an 5% wipe of G'huun. We have an abundance of raid experience dating back to cata. Our raid times are Friday-Saturday 10pm-1:30am EST. Looking to take active experienced and newer raiders to push mythic! We are willing to teach those who are new and learn from those that know more. We are currently looking for Hunters and rouges but all exceptional DPS will be included. If you want to have a fun time raiding and can take a joke, while downing bosses we might be a perfect fit! We aren't snobs but will call you out if you are not doing mechanics correctly, everyone has a learning curve we understand that.

You can fill out an app online at [](

Or contact :




[Alliance] <Meanies>
Server: Ravencrest / Uldaman Server Group
Currently 8/8H

Looking to push into Mythic. Looking for a few more DPS to fill spots.

High Priority:
Havoc DH
Ele Shaman
S Priest
All classes specs are welcome, higher priority on those listed above.

Raid Times: Tues / Wed / Sunday 8-11PM EST
Anyone who would like to raid needs to complete the application.
A link will be provided when interest is communicated.

Contact: BNET Grave#11820 Discord: xXxGravexXx#0991

Come join us and push progression!
(H)Wanderlusters-Thrall(High-Pop) is a mature casual/semi-hardcore raiding guild. We are currently recruiting to start our raid team for current content. We are looking for dps no app required just have a little chat with us officers and maybe run a mythic or 2 for us to check you out. Last Expansion we were 7/7M-EN 2/3M-ToV 3/10M-NH 3/10M-ToS 6/11M-ABT. Currently we are 8/8N 7/8H and wishing to down more but we NEED you!!!

Raid times Progression days Wed 8-11cst(9-12est)/Mon 8-11CST(9-12est)
Alt Raid day(optional)-TBD
Also like to note we are recruiting more casual members as well for M+s, help fill the raid when people can't make it. We are looking to recruit casual members as well as raid members to fill our spots.

Current needs are below but accepting any decent people: those with dual specs dps/healing or dps/tank are highly sought after. Got a group of players? You are more than welcome to come and have a chat and see if your group will fit in with our group and be part of the family =).

We are not looking to gear anyone up really, we prefer you be at/around our progression and have the time/effort put into your artifact neck for the character/toon you want to raid with us as.

Another Note: We want you to have fun playing with your class if your playing something your not having fun on WHY ARE YOU PLAYING THAT CLASS XD; play to have fun not just because we need something, we consider all classes even if we have 1 or 2 of them =).

Ranged DPS-

Boomkin- Highly wanted
Lock- Low
Spreist- High
Hunter- High
Ele Sham- High

Melee DPS-
Death knight- High
Demon hunter- High
Rogue- Med
Warr- Low
Feral- High
Ret Pally- High
WW Monk- Med
Enh Sham-Med

Healers- Low - will fill one spot

Mistweaver Monk- Low
Resto Druid- High
Holy pally- Low
Resto Sham- Low
Holy priest- low
Disc priest- low

Tanks- Offspec tanks wanted.

Contacts: Warguard#1900(Recruiting Officer),
Mazul#1425(Guild Leader/Healing coordinator)`
Artimues#1869(Raid Leader)
Jazmo#1201(Raid Leader)
Frealy#1866(Some Random Officer =P)

<Horde Against Humanity> is currently recruiting melee and ranged dps for progression in Uldir! We are currently 5/8H and hoping to push into Mythic Uldir ASAP!

We are on Hyjal and raid 7-10PM PST.

We are a community focused guild that wants to push content as hard as we can. Having said that, we won't sacrifice the community aspect. We have Offnight raids on Mondays same time as regular raid and we run keys as a guild on Fridays starting same time as raids.

Contact: Tylerin#1745
Discord: Shockstar#6626
Good evening! If you have some flexibility in your days/times, check us out!

TCC is a mythic raiding guild aiming to become a CE guild on 6 hours a week of raiding. (We also do a Sunday Funday heroic clear that's optional.) We are currently 2/8m and looking for a few DPS to shore up our roster and help us get where we want to be.

Raid Days/Times: Tuesday/Thursday 6:45pm - 9:45pm pacific
Sundays 6:45pm - 9:45pm pacific are optional heroic raid days except for the first month of a new raid tier when we will use it to push early progression.

Current Needs:
Ele Shaman
Shadow Priest
Bonus points to any raiders willing to flex tank/heals as needed for progression.

We require a 90% attendance commitment to be on our core raid team.

You can check us out here, and apply or contact us through bnet if you'd like more information. (You can apply here:

Cercie#1790 - GM (bnet) or Cercie#2380 (Discord info)
r3con#4078 - Raid Lead (Discord info)
Hello trio!
My team can fit your entire group of players and our raid times seem to suit your preferences perfectly. Please have a read of the important stuff below (I know.... it's so boring) and let's have a chat!

<The Barber Shop> H8/8 Uldir - HORDE US-Firetree (Drak’Tharon, Firetree, Malorne, Rivendare, Spirestone, and Stormscale on the same cluster)
We are looking to recruit skilled and dedicated players for our Mythic Uldir progression. Outside of raid nights we spend the majority of our time together inside Mythic+ keys, we are highly team focused and greatly appreciate the social element of the game just as much as the content itself.

What Times Do We Raid?
We raid 3 hours per night, 2 days a week, Friday and Saturday, 7:30pm-10:30pm PST (10:30pm-01:30am EST).

Who Are We Recruiting?
2x Ranged Dps (Shadow Priest, Balance Druid, Warlock, Mage, Hunter)
1x Melee (Retribution Paladin, Frost/Unholy Death Knight, Windwalker Monk)
1x Healer (Holy Paladin, Discipline Priest)

How Do I Express Interest?
You can leave a response here, add me on Bnet to discuss further details - Pherric#1966 , reach out to me on Discord - Pherric#9902 or alternatively you can whisper my Monk or my Druid in game - Brewery-Firetree / Pherric-Firetree.
I appreciate you taking the time to read this post and I look forward to hearing from you soon!
Hey Vegan, we are from Tich as well, I'm leaving our recruitment post below, with my Battle tag, and hope to speak with all three of you in the near future.

Sunwell Hotel (US-Tichondrius) is a progression focused guild, where we unceasingly strive for exceptional execution and performance through which we maximize individual as well as raid potential, while providing a relaxed and drama free environment.

Who We Are:
We, here at Sunwell Hotel, have a progression oriented mindset which is ultimately aimed at clearing the current Mythic Content. We offer a stable leadership with experience as Officers/GMs in hardcore raiding guilds dating back to Vanilla and a raiding environment that ensures maximal progress; while maintaining a respectful, mature and enjoyable atmosphere.

What We Are Looking For:
We are looking for individuals with exceptional raiding skills, awareness, knowledge as well as previous Mythic/Heroic raiding experience. We are looking for Raiders that have competitive personalities, that strive to be the best they can be at their class, by eagerly going over logs pre and post raid to see where they can improve; as well as those who keep up with current theorycrafting and research/changes that is pertinent to their class. We are looking for individuals who are punctual and have impeccable raid attendance. Attendance is of paramount importance to us since we are aimed at clearing mythic content. In the event that We recruit you to out raid team, we are depending and expecting you to be able to make nearly 80%+ of our raids. Furthermore, we realize that successful progression not only requires punctuality and skill, but cooperation and communication. We are looking for individuals who share those values with us while maintaining positive, lighthearted and respectful attitudes.

Our Raiding Schedule:
Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday - 9:00pm to 12:00am EST
All Raiders are expected to run Mythic + throughout the week.
**We do not add or extend raid days or times under any circumstance.**

Current Progress:
2/8M Uldir
8/8H Uldir

Our Current Needs:
  • Tank - HIGH NEED- Brewmaster
  • Healer - MW Monk or R Shaman
  • Melee DPS - Ret, DH, Enh
  • Ranged DPS - Shadow Priest, Elemental
  • **Any exceptional players who wish to apply to currently filled positions will be considered, as the Mythic Roster is competitive and adaptable**

    Contact Information:
    You can reach out to us through Battle Tag:
      Ohhelloz on US-Tichondrius
    <Alliance Lives Matter> Connected Realms- Scilla, Zuluhed, Andorhal and Ursin

    Currently 4/8M, 8/8H Uldir, 8/8N Uldir, 11/11M Antorus [cutting edge guild]. We are #1 Alliance on our server group.

    Recruitment Needs for Mythic: (Transfer Required) 1 dps with tank offspec. 1 holy paladin and 1 non holy paladin healer, 1 ranged dps. Anyone talented regardless of class/spec will be considered. Do not be shy to apply even if you are not one of our high priority classes. We also recruit normal and heroic only players for our normal and heroic raids.

    Guild Goals: To full clear mythic uldir in a timely competitive fashion [in progress] and all future mythic raid tiers going forward in a quick and competitive manner. We set our goals and then we do what it takes to meet them. We are a cutting edge raid guild.

    Raid Schedule: Currently we mythic raid Sat/Sun 3:30 central-7:30 central pm. heroic raid tuesday for mythic team (8 30 pm to 11 pm central), heroic raid wed for heroic raider team (8 30 pm to 11 pm central) , mythic farm boss clear thurs (8 30 pm to 11 pm central). We push people to get 1 heroic clear and 1 mythic 10 plus a week done. This is required for our mythic raiders.

    More about the guild: We do it all, we aren't just raiders. We are extremely active guild, the most active on the server, and more active than most servers/guilds. Our people do not just log on for raids once or twice a week. Our average age range is 28-35. We enjoy PvP- arenas, rbgs, bgs, wpvp, Mythic+, achievements. We have a very laid back but like to get stuff done kind of atmosphere when it is not raid time. When it is raid time, we get focused and serious and competitive in a non toxic results oriented manner. Very active and supportive guild filled with awesome human beings. Our raiders are competitive players always striving to better themselves. Flasks and feasts and vantus runes are provided for all progression raiding. We constantly analyze logs and push for improvement. We do not settle for mediocrity in any of our members so by being a part of this guild you will become a better player and person. This is just a small taste of our guild. Please contact an officer to have any questions or concerns addressed.

    If you're interested in raiding with us or would just like to join the guild feel free to contact Nebulaphobia, our recruitment officer.

    BTag: Ashe#1789

    Discord: Ashie#6243

    In Game: Nebulaphobia-Scilla
    [H]<Red Light District> [US-Tichondrius] is a late night raiding guild focused on progression. During WotLK, we were a Top 10 Alliance guild on [US-Korgath] under the name of [A]<Heroes After Dark>. We are looking to fill our roster again for heroic/mythic raiding and mythic+.

    We currently host pugs as we don't have a full roster yet. If you'd like to come on our runs before making a decision feel free to message me before raid time and I can save you a spot.

    8/8 Normal
    8/8 Heroic
    2/8 Mythic

    -Raid Times-
    (subject to change as roster fills)
    Tuesday: 7:30p - 10:30p PST
    Thursday: 7:30p - 10:30p PST

    Tank - low priority
    Healer - apply
    Melee - apply
    Ranged - apply

    -Contact List-

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