Big Bang Theory

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What are your thoughts about the show? Sad that it is ending or rejoice that it will be over?
Don't know what people's beef with it is, but I think it's long past time for it to end.

Young Sheldon is kind of alright though. No laugh track and different camera angles makes everything leagues better.
10/20/2018 07:01 AMPosted by Claudin
but I think it's long past time for it to end

Agreed. I like the show but it's run its course. Sheldon is now a 45-year old "prodigy" which doesn't quite work out anymore. Leonard's angle is done. So is Wolowitz. Even Stuart has a girlfriend now. The only thing they have left to do is something for Raj but I don't think many people care anymore.

BBT is now I show I'll binge-watch every once in a while.
Started losing interest once everyone started getting married. I haven't watched it a couple of years.
Don't find it overly funny and the laugh track is obnoxious.
Just another stupid sitcom with different twists on the same
crap that was never funny to begin with.

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