110 to 120 three more times. Best way?

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My Rogue has been 120 awhile, 375 ilevel, so I started leveling my original holy priest, i find the opposite gameplay to be a very refreshing and enjoyable contrast between a rogue and holy priest.
it honestly feels like they stealth nerfed the exp you get from Islands sometime in the past couple weeks. I have been leveling up a rogue off and on and a few weeks ago got like nearly 1/3rd of a level per run, now it's only a couple bars.
10/20/2018 08:48 AMPosted by Valathar
Thanks for all the feedback. To those that asked: yes a 2nd pally. I have a 120 human pally and it's just fun to play so I NEED a horde pally.

Also 3 for now. I have about 12 more at 110 just waiting. I'll get them up eventually because if there's a mage tower like challenge I want to do it on ALL classes.

I have an Alliance Paladin and I hear you. Paladins are cool, Mage Tower on every class? That's something else, good luck!
I did island expeditions on this guy. Sure you are lootless and low ilvl but after you unlock WQ you gear fast.
Wait for flying. I have 4 toons sitting at 110 and they will remain there until it comes out.
At this point, I quest till I'm friendly with each of the three factions and then do expeditions on rested xp. I switch between multiple alts.

I have 6 at 120 at this point....which should tell you how engaging the game is.
I have 6 120’s and working on 7th. I watch Big Bang Theory on Amazon to pass the time.
Wait for 8.1 to come out. Do faction invasions.
I'm only on my third char headed that direction. Halfway through 118. My first character I ruuuuuuuushed through the content to reach the end. My second one, I did bg's to get through it. For my third, I'm actually paying attention to the quests, doing the dungeons and now the sub stories make a bit more sense.

However, when I just wanted to zone out and level fast with the other two, I Googled "multitasking shows." Got through many episodes of "Suits."
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island runs. tons of azurite and very decent xp.

This, but also; quest in each zone just enough to be friendly with them for insta-WQs at 120. Do Warcampaign when they become available, might aswell do them when they give XP, and then mix in some islands.
islands/bg if horde otherwise don't and quest for me.

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