Hearthstone killed wow.

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10/22/2018 10:16 AMPosted by Flagshipbear
Hearthstone showed bliz how much money there was to be made with Micro transactions.. thus all the new cash grabs in wow.

BTW this game feels like a damn mobile free to play game. MORE TIME GATES PLEASE.

Thinking about quitting.. I pay for 30 days a month but only play maybe twice a week. Raid, Mythic +... done.

I dont even know the names of my guild mates. I dont even know what gear I have on. I have so little interaction with any of it/them.


When in game, please press the C key, OP. This will open the Character tab.

There is a button near the bottom right of the screen that includes the Menu button; another is for either your Guild, or to find one.

Also, if you are in game, please press Escape to bring up the in-game Menu. Then, look through the options. One should be for the Keybinds, which will let you see and if you so choose change the key presses that do things on your screen besides moving the mouse and clicking something.

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