HordeAlicious - no-pressure Guild life.

Aerie Peak
[H] HordeAlicious (Aerie Peak-US) is a CASUAL Guild experience with lots of fun and shenanigans. This is no-pressure Guild life at its finest with friendly, helpful people interested in playing together. We are getting ready to celebrate our 2nd year together!!!

Our Discord is active almost 24/7 with some folks in it. We do events, Raffles, Achievement runs and help folks gear. Something is going on almost every night. Adult 18+ Lots of sarcasm so beware! =p

We see and go to all places in the Game from classic to current content Mythic+ Dungeons, X-mog, Pet, Mount runs, Islands and War-fronts. We even have an officer that teaches pet battles. Currently doing lite raiding.

Shoot these folks a pst:

Lowbred, Redfive, RedApollo, TinkerArwen, Ithtoo, Fenn or anyone in guild really for an invite.

Hope to see you soon,

- Redfive (Warboss)
This week we had a spooky X mog contest, Mat drive prize give away and mythic and other runs.

We had 2 Mythic teams in Discord going. Always something going on in Discord!

Come join us. Bring your rotten sarcasm and you will fit right in!

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