In memoriam -- Bamabay

Blackhand and Galakrond
Hey Blackhand/Galakrond community,

It's not often that we have something like this happen but out a respect for a member of our server and guild, I'd thought I'd post something here for those who might have known him beyond our guild's borders.

Bamabay, paladin and fellow gamer, passed away Monday due to a work-related accident. He'd been a member of our guild for years, a gentlemanly guy who quietly spoke his truth and helped out the guild in his own way through supplying raid teams with mats and cheering them on to victories.

He'll be a voice whose quiet humor we'll miss on those alt raids and a member of our gaming community that cannot be replaced.

Farewell, Pete. Thank you for being our friend.
Your post proves his worth, a good man to be sure.
Sorry for your loss.
Sorry for you all's loss :(

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