Rolling my first Druid! Transmog questions!

Hi! I've been playing WoW since 2004, mostly on a Warrior, but sometime during Legion I just hit my exhaustion point with that class. Still love then, but I need something new.

I'm really interested in Druid. They seem incredibly flexible and convenient with all their shapeshifts. But I'm hesitant to try maining one for one reason - transmog. I'm a transmog junkie, I love collecting new appearances and I mix up my look almost every day.

As far as I know, only Restoration druids really get to show off their transmog, though Balance druids *kind of* can but in a translucent blue form.

So I have a couple questions!

1. Are there any 'workarounds' for showing off your transmog as Guardian or Feral? Specific toys, potions, and such? I remember during WOD there was a potion that changed you to the opposite gender for a short time and bear/cat druids could use that to appear humanoid while in those forms. I don't know if it still works though. Also, along the same lines, is there a way to be balance without the blue translucent effect?

2. More generally, do you guys and gals feel that the reduced transmogability of druids is worth putting up with? Does the flexibility and uniqueness of the class make up for it?

Thanks for reading!
Question #2

Hell yeah it does. Open world mobility is unmatched. Having caster and melee spec is great and all 4 specs share enough abilities (particularly with affinity talents) that it is actually fairly easy swapping specs.

I've have had a druid since early MoP but have not mained one until now and im really !@#$ing choked it took me so long to come around.
Answer #1: I'm afraid not, as far as I'm concerned. You might have to get a buddy and a whole bunch of reflecting prisms, and then swap your appearance with theirs, shift into your form, then swap again. But it will cost a lot of gold.

Answer #2 is what the nelf above me said. I've been maining feral since TBC (My first character was a feral druid), yet I stopped playing feral in late WoD (boomkin), then in late Legion, I picked up feral again.
#1) most toys that change your appearance go "over" your form. for example orb of deception, faded wizard hat, time-lost figurine, etc etc will change your appearance while maintaining your form, i.e. you can have the looks of a goblin while being in shape!@#$. looks pretty funny with claws of ursoc imo

#2) depends. the legion artifacts do a lot for giving flavor to the forms but they can get old after a while and you will be seeing them a lot - if you don't like doing old content to farm out the different forms then I would say this is a no
With the current state of fashioncraft - druids pulled the short straw. Not saying others opinions are different. It’s just in terms of creativity, Druid’s just have the least appealing transmog sets. However, depending on preference - you could grab some rogue look-a-like gear to satisfy your needs.
I am not sure I can help you wtih a Worgen druid transmog if you are going that route but I am fairly happy with the result of my current mog, I also know a prerty good one for Night elves.
reflecting prisms are probably your best bet for maintaining the look of your humanoid form (rather than giving a different humanoid form, as most toys do). but, they do have the downsides that 1. each swap only lasts 5 minutes, and 2. you can only swap with party members

there’s also the issue of needing to use two charges for every swap, but you can get around it—if your party member doesn’t mind also looking like you. basically you swap your appearance to them, right-click on your buff to get rid of it, and swap again so you both have your humanoid appearance. then you can simply swap a single time every (slightly less than) 5 minutes, to keep both buffs going
wildheart for xmog its a must

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