No Moonkin form balance druid.

I hate fashionistas, just play the class, if you don't like it then reroll. Being a fat lazer chicken is awesome!
10/26/2018 11:59 PMPosted by Elthunis
most males are druids

I think you mean "Most Druids are males."

Male NE's can be anything at all. Warriors, Hunters, Rogues, Druids. They could even not be combat proficient people at all. Just a simple merchant, or tailor.

But in the Druid sect of Darnassus, most of the Druids are male. Some are female, but it's mostly a male dominated role. Much like the opposing faction within Night Elf society the priests are mostly female. There are male priests, but they're mostly female.
get Heartsbane Grimoire - it removes transparency of glyph of stars and gives you more of a green hue - this is the closest youre gonna get to pure caster form :)
[Glyph of Subtle Balance] - Your Moonkin Form no longer changes your appearance.

Blizzard please.
I have to be honest, the last year I have been lazy and not shapeship into boomkin form.
Fake balance druids everywhere! #longlivethechicken
It gives you a 10% increase to damage.. to not use the spec's form is senseless. Just use the glpyh, it's much more forum being a glitter glowing anomly than an owl chicken...
10/27/2018 07:09 AMPosted by Mistycal
and you have another group that really would like to see their transmogs.

It's not about just "seeing your transmog". It's about being in a stupid pointless form that provides no actual gameplay or aesthetic.

Cat form turns you into a cat that is quick/agile with special attacks and stealth, and a complete different resource system.
Bear form turns you into a bear with special defences and a complete different resource system.
Travel forms (aquatic/flight/travel) make sense for obvious reasons.
Moonkin Form turns you into a giant fat chicken with no meaningful difference from caster form. All its benefits could just be Balance passives with an optional appearance glyph and the spec would literally be the same.

It is a terrible form and needs the Treant Form treatment so badly.

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