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How exactly does Marksmanship fare in open world PvP and casual battlegrounds? I often hear people talk about how bad it is in PvP, but most of the people talking about PvP are doing so in the context of arenas in the higher ratings.

Being a fairly casual player myself, I may jump some people in the open world or queue up for a BG if I'm in the mood, but I have no intention of doing it on a "serious" level. Will I have a good time as a MM hunter, or is it just so bad that nobody can win with it?
MM is a top tier random BG spec. Excellent single target damage and enough CC/mobility (Disengage, Master's Call, Scatter Shot, traps, Bursting Shot, 45yrd snare/pet snare) to annoy melee into swapping to another target. I almost always top killing blows and have the fewest deaths. Will only get better in 8.1
In its current state it sucks. You can have some fun if you sit back and have heals and other teammates to defend you. Once a melee locks on you you are dead meat.
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In its current state it sucks. You can have some fun if you sit back and have heals and other teammates to defend you. Once a melee locks on you you are dead meat.

This has not been my experience at all. MM shines in group play. There is no melee that can stick to you, especially when there is a group to fall back to.

The only thing that really feels missing is a stun.
Will I have a good time...

For laughs, this weekend I rolled MM for wpvp with a a couple of rogue buddies. BOW HOWDY is it fun to have them open up while you sit back and MELT that health pool.

I highly recommend you go out and give it a shot.
Open world PVP feels and plays awful. We are missing utility, have a worthless heal, clunky trap, long cd's, worthless defensive's and channel casts like aimed shot have no place in PVP. Talents are really no help as most variations provide no additional damage or use. 8.1 has some changes coming that hopefully will improve the current state; but, we will have to hold our breath to see if they go live.

RBG's are good on open fighting. However, as most groups pigeon hole you to sit on a flag you are really forced to go BM. That being said, if you don't switch out your azerite gear it's just longer survival that sometimes gives you an edge. Without having double tap, there is really no "execute" mechanic you have so you have to hope you catch healers off guard or w/o cooldowns. Most people above me are probably looking at their scoreboard after and seeing a high damage done and really it doesn't mean anything if healers are just outpacing your damage. I say this with a 377 ilvl for a couple of weeks now in RBG and it has gone substantially down as other peoples ilvl has increased.

2's There is no real room without have a strong partner. As most of your damage can be mitigated by pillars or a plethora of nonsense such as shadow meld or w.e to negated your long cast time. Again, lack utility and weak defensive or utilities make it really frustrating. They can literally get within your personal space and walk through you so your aimed shot doesn't get off. LnL doesn't nearly proc enough. A fire mage currently plays better with its mobility and procs. As I play that as well you can see a similar set of play style with better results due to the ability to really out range your target, root your target and procs to dps your target down.

3's Suffer the same problems as 2s however, if you're not focused you start gaining some room to be more helpful.

In summation, I think MM is ok in RBG's and I do have a lot of fun; but, they are severely flawed. I would look forward to see what goes live in 8.1. We also should hope to see Brian Holinka making some improvements. Hunters as a whole played better during WOTLK and MOP. If he straightens out the combat system we will or should come back more in line. "IMO"***
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Will I have a good time...

... give it a shot.

teehee you made a punny!
Thanks for the helpful replies everyone. I'll definitely level up a hunter and give it a go.
My 2 cents: For casual PvP in my limited experience you'll have a good time, particularly in random bg's. Getting trained by melee is rough but that goes for most ranged specs.

PvE on the other hand... again I dont have experience at max level but based on my understanding of the class, what I've read online and looking at the logs... MM is in a rough spot.

8.1 will make MM better in PvP and PvE, but moreso the former.

I think leveling a hunter is a great idea regardless. Three specs that, regardless of how you feel about them, all play very differently from one another. It's the class I've decided to switch to.
In short, we're good damage support. Unless you're a glutton for punishing challenge, I wouldn't recommend the solo ops. Because with no stuns, no repeatable disorients, and no DISARMING you don't get to do any damage for free like many others. With the current GCD system you don't get to react defensively for free either! You have to get dirty lowdown just to even have a chance of winning, picking the best positioning and timing to open up on someone.

I had been hunting in Tirisfal Glades during the Hallow's End event and unfortunately I haven't been able to "gank" many 120's unless they were AFK. It sucks to admit getting HKs so dishonestly but PvP is PvP and you take whatever you can get. You're already trash so you might as well embrace the detritus that you are should you roll out as a MM.
I have a lot of fun in casual BGs.
If you face a player who is great at his class, you will lose. If you face a player good at his class, you are under 50% chance to win ratio. You will destroy bad players.
Just dont try to fight 1vs1 with other class if you want to play MM.
I enjoy MM. Rated is harder to pull off, but doable.
I say wait until 8.1 MM. They are making it WAY better
MM is viable in pvp for both BGs and arena. There is some amazing burst in the spec and I have found it is still very good at kiting melee. Been doing arenas as MM for a few days after tanking my rating to 1200 and just got to under 1600 in two's in two days.

Stat priority is Haste > mastery > crit.

I have been using the azerite trait unerring vision x 2. When I pop trueshot and get 10 stacks of the buff, I get over 100% crit chance, and normally I save double tap for that 10 stack bonus. To pull it off I feign death, camo and cast aimed at the target with double tap followed by two arcanes which usually hit for about 20k each, that usually chunks a person for more than half their health, if not outright kills them.

Positioning is key though, and if you roll with someone who has a stun, that rotation can often win a game.

Also trapping is more difficult but I often enjoy it if I miss a trap and then am able to use explosive trap to knock them into it. It is a good feeling. Usually when a healer stops to cast is a good time to knock them into a trap.

I dont take scatter because of the DR with trap and I find it more useful to take hunting party and explosive trap when against melee comps. Against casters, I take feign death and spider sting. I always take the trueshot talent.

Just my experience though, it is working for me and I am having fun with it.

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